Snoop Dogg Plans Big 4/20 Parties in Colorado and Washington

It will be one epic 4/20 this month in Colorado and Washington. Both states legalized recreational marijuana, and Colorado saw its first legit sales last January 1. Leave it to Snoop Dogg to celebrate this h...

Pistachios & Snoop Too Controversial for Network TV? Really.

The folks at Wonderful Pistachios announced their latest “Get Crackin” spot starring the one and only Snoop Lion (Dogg), who shows viewers how he cracks a nut, “Snoop does it habitually.” The spot started airing November 12th online and on various cable networks but the big four TV networks turned it down due to its subtle reference to medicinal marijuana. Now in its 4th year the spots have already featured The Village People, The Simpson, Frankenweenie, Twitter, Google and Brobee — but Snoop’s spot will only be seen cable and online.