Ethan Nadelmann Debates Bill O’Reilly

Ethan Nadelmann - Executive Director of The Drug Policy Alliance - appeared on The O'Reilly Factor recently to debate the war on drugs. O'Reilly kept going back to child abuse statistics to back up his point of view. When Nadlemann points out that we have laws for child abuse, O'Reilly says they are "reactive." All laws are reactive Mr. O'Reilly. Trying to stop a crime before it happens is foolhardy and dangerous.

Some Drug War Logic

A new video produced by The Drug Policy Alliance is making the rounds on Youtube and in the news. It's very well done, and is something I think we should share with others as much as possible. Starring Sting, Montel Williams, and others - including "regular" people - it should have a positive impact on those who see it.