L.A. Official Suggests Pot Advertising Ban

An L.A. city official is concerned that marijuana advertising could be coming to television in California if November's Prop. 64 is passed by the state's voters.The initiative would legalize recreationa...
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San Jose Dispensaries Say They’ll All be Shut Down This Month

A group that represents San Jose dispensaries says the shops expect to be shut down by the city July 18th. The city council recently passed an ordinance that severely restricts where the stores can be located a...
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Action Alert: LA City Council and City Attorney to Meet Behind Closed Doors

The Los Angeles City Council will meet in closed session next Tuesday, April 24th to hear what the City Attorney has to say about the medical marijuana cases and the settlement conferences. Because the motion tied to this merely requested that the CA confer with the Council in closed session, there may not be a vote on that day on banning dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles, but you never know — they've been known to spring things at the last minute.