How to Cheat a Drug Test

So your looking to fool someone and cheat on your drug test?  Bravo, join the party.  With the legality of marijuana becoming very normal, this is a hot topic that is only getting hotter as time passes, and there is no question there are many people looking to get one over on their drug test by diluting, substituting, or adulterating their sample.  Today, I’ll go over all three sneaky methods in a blog that will certainly appease many people.

3 Ways to Cheat Your Drug Testing Inquiry

The first way is by dilution.

Diluting a Urine Sample

When you hear the term “dilution,” this means that the urine sample has a water content that is above average.  When you look to dilute a sample it’s to minimize the drug levels that are seen in the urine.  The labs that test these samples clear lines that where even if there is a trace of the drug being detected, it won’t be seen as a positive result since the sample contains only trace amounts of drugs.

Sometimes people do this entirely without intention by drinking a large amount of fluid, which in turn makes the urine extremely dilute.  If you’ve ever heard of people drinking tons of water (or cranberry juice even) prior to a drug test, this is one reason they do this.  (It’ll effectively drop the drug ratios that are seen in the urine sample.)

While this is a slick method, it’s not always going to ensure you get a negative result, because a large percentage of the labs will notice this diluted urine.

Now, if you are looking to do this with the intent of cheating a drug test, you simply add purified water into the urine sample, and BAM, you have a diluted sample.  However, most testing facilities will not offer you the convenience of having an accessible faucet and they’ll also add colored chemicals to their restrooms so you won’t cheat the system while you are there.  If you were to try using their toilet water, it would be the easiest way to get caught trying to cheat your urine test.

How to Substitute Your Urine

If you are looking for more favorable odds in cheating on your drug test, this is the one you should look into.  When you substitute your urine sample, you are giving a sample that didn’t come from your own body.  Most people who choose this method choose to use fake urine, most commonly sold in powdered form and officially called synthetic urine.  In this scenario, the packets of powdered urine are combined with water and essentially form a passable urine.  The only other way to substitute your own urine is to bring someone else’s.  (Which is a very bad idea.)

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If you click the above link, you’ll get to our page where we break down the top selling products that allow you to substitute your urine with a fake version, which is the best known way to cheat on a urine test.

Powdered Urine KitThe biggest problem with using synthetic urine is that it can be difficult to keep the urine at a temperature that’s expected.  If your sample is piping hot, you will fail.  If it’s as cold as the Icelandic waters, well, you probably can assume you failed as well.  In these cases, they will ask you to take the test another time.  However, the kit we recommend has a temperature gauge, a well as warming packets, that helps you present the urine at the proper temperature.

Adulterating a Sample

This is the finest form of tampering with a urine sample and it’s most commonly done by adding chemicals to deceive the presence of drugs or actually cause interference with the equipment used to test the sample.  This is the worst way to go about cheating on a urine test, and you have a very high probability of being detected by the lab.  Most people do this with soaps, salts, bleaches, and even eye drops.

There are other methods of cheating tests that have died out over the years because they have such slim odds at working.  These include the 1980’s and 90’s version of “GoldenSeal,” and many others that were on the market, only to be overcome by labs as time and technology caught up with them.  They basically work at both adulterating, and diluting samples, which will almost always raise a red flag.

What Not To Do When Cheating on Drug Tests

  • Don’t use dog urine!
  • Don’t steal anyone else’s specimen and attempt to pass it on as your own.
  • Take diet pills in an attempt to “burn out” drugs.

These methods simply don’t work!

You don’t want to get caught, and you don’t want to fail.  Your best bet is to go with a proven winner, and that is Test Clear, our recommended source for beating tests.


Author: Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer is a cannabis advocate who isn't afraid to tell the world about it! You can find his views, rants, and tips published regularly at The 420 Times.

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