Does Home Depot Drug Test? (Their Polices Explained)

If you’re curious about the drug test policies of Home Depot, then you’re in luck. We’re going to discuss the drug testing policies at Home Depot according to the people who have undergone the drug test and how to pass them.

Drug Tests Required By Home Depot

Home depot logoThere are two drug tests that you need to comply in Home Depot: the pre-employment drug test and the random drug test.

The pre-employment drug test is needed before you get hired. It usually happens at the end of the interview process. Once you accept the job offer, you need to sign a document that entails that you’ll follow all company policies.

One of the company policies is to subject yourself to a random drug test. This is to make sure that you’re not doing drugs. They’ll actually do the drug test right after you sign the document to make sure that you’re clean before they employ you.

The first drug test is usually a urine test or a mouth swab test. The company will usually do the basic 10-pound drug test. They’ll check for weed, PCP, heroin, amphetamine, and other substances. A mouth swab test is done by taking some of your saliva and testing it for any presence of drugs.

How To Pass The Drug Test

To pass the drug test, you need to stop whatever substance you’re using. If you want to flush out the substances from your body more quickly, try the Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox. Toxin Rid is effective and simple to use. Just take a certain amount of pills then some liquid and follow the directions on the box.

Another way to pass the drug test is to use synthetic urine. We recommend the TestClear Powdered Urine Kit because it’s very effective as shown with its 200% money back guarantee. To use, simply put the synthetic urine into the sample cup and submit it to the test administrator.

For the mouth swab test, you can use the Oral Clear Gum. This is a saliva neutralizing gum that helps you test negative for any substance. To use, simply pop it in your mouth and chew for about a minute.

Detoxing is also good in passing a mouth swab test. Together with the Oral Clear Gum, you should pass your pre-employment drug test without any problem.

Now, for random drug tests, what you need is to prepare for both tests. Have synthetic urine and Oral Clear Gum ready in your pocket. You’ll never know when the company will get a hold of you and ask you to complete the drug test.