Drug Testing Policies On GameStop

Game Stop

Before you begin to work with GameStop, let’s discuss the drug testing policies of the company. Like any other publicly traded company, GameStop has many things to do to keep their public position. They don’t want to make any risks so they establish some drug testing policies to make sure that their workforce isn’t taking drugs.

One way to make sure that their workforce is clean is to require them for a drug test. Before employment, the person has to undergo the first interview where you’ll be asked about yourself. On the second interview, the company may surprise you with a drug test if they like to hire you.

The test is the usual 5-10 panel drug test to spot all the main stuff. What you should be worried about is the weed because that’s what remains in your system for 1-2 months. If you’re taking other substances, those still remain in your body about seven days so make sure that you detox properly.

The best way to pass the drug test is to use a detox kit. We recommend the Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox because it’ll fully clean your system from all those substances. When you’re taking the urine drug test, your urine is surely clean.

The next best option is to use synthetic urine to replace real human urine. We recommend the TestClear Powdered Urine Kit. TestClear offers a 200% money back guarantee and they’re been a reliable brand for a very long time.

Aside from the pre-employment test, GameStop also conducts random drug testing. This is similar to the 5-10 panel drug test that we mentioned above. This type of test is a bit daunting because you’ll never know when the test is going to happen.

The best way to pass a random drug testing is to keep synthetic urine in your pocket. Of course, nothing beats the total stoppage of using weed but if you can’t help it, keep synthetic urine always on hand. As you can see, passing the drug test on GameStop is easy as long as you have the right equipment.