Does Publix Give You A Urine Drug Test?

Today I am going to do a very quick review on Publix. Do they drug test? It’s a burning question that most of you who want to work at the company probably have in mind. I am going to explain the procedure of drug test at the company especially if you are looking to work at the company and you are afraid that they’ll ask you do drug test during the interview. 

Publix and Their Drug Testing Policies

I am also going to talk about what happens during the drug test, what kind of drug test the company takes, and what are the drug policies of the company for current employees. But as always, I want you to be aware of all the products out there that can help you pass a drug test no matter what method the company uses. You can look for 10-day detox and synthetic urine products if you’re worried about a drug test and everything will be fine.

As far as Publix is concerned, they will only drug test you after you have signed some paperwork offered by the company which means that they only drug test you if they are going to hire you. Once you have accepted to sign the paperwork, this is when they can pop a drug test on you. 

Publix conducts a very simple five-panel drug test. This is the most basic drug test that tests for stuff like weed, methamphetamines, PCP, and cocaine. If you want to pass this test, then I recommend you get your hands on synthetic urine. If you don’t know what this product does, it is basically a replacement for your urine and has the exact same temperature and consistency of real pee. This product has helped many people escape a drug test who do not wish to stop smoking weed.  

The good thing is that before you have to take a drug test at Publix, they’ll let you know in advance. So there won’t really be any random drug tests especially when you are being hired. But if you are working for the company, then they have every right to randomly conduct a drug test on you if they suspect you are using any substance. 

For this matter, I always recommend carrying a couple of synthetic (fake) urine bags with you at home or get yourself 10-day detox products to if you are a heavy smoker. You’ll be able to use both the products efficiently to pass the test. Just remember that Publix has to abide by the strict no-drugs policy and federal law which enables them to freely conduct drug tests on employees. So be always prepared for a drug test if you know you smoke a lot that it would be trouble if you had to take a drug test.