Does GameStop Conducts Drug Testing?

Like any other publicly traded company, GameStop conducts drug testing to their current employees and before hiring anyone. This is to keep its reputation as a trustworthy company. They also establish drug testing policies to keep their stock prices stay up there.

One of the surest ways to ensure that their employees don’t use drugs is drug testing. Before they hire anyone, they need to undergo a drug test to make sure that he’s not a drug addict.

So what happens during the pre-employment test?

The drug test isn’t going to happen in the first interview. At this phase, the company will ask you about yourself and why you want the job. The drug test only happens if the company wants to hire you after the second interview.

The GameStop Drug Testing Procedures

Game StopThe test is typically the five or ten panel drug test where substances like meth and cocaine are to be checked. If you’re taking weed, then you’re in hot waters. Traces of marijuana usually remain in your system for up to 60 days. Other drugs might still remain in your body about a week so make sure that you’re not taking these substances if you want to apply for a job in GameStop.

The best way to prepare for this test is to use a detox kit. Test Clear offers the most effective detox kit in the market called the Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox. This kit aims to clean your body from any substances within 10 days.

If you have limited time, you can try a quick solution. Synthetic urine is a great way to replace human urine and pass the urine drug test without worries. Test Clear offers the Powdered Urine Kit to help you pass the pre-employment test.

Once you’re hired, your efforts shouldn’t end there. GameStop conducts random drug testing so you should be ready at all times. Just like the pre-employment test, the random drug test is sort of a five or 10 panel drug test.

Since this is random, you should quit smoking weed or taking any substances that might affect the test. This is easier said than done. The most convenient way is to keep synthetic urine always on ready in your back pocket.

This is just about all the information we know about the drug testing policies in GameStop. It’s easy to pass if you detox or keep synthetic urine handy.

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