Does Aerotek Drug Test?

Aerotek was founded in 1983 by Jim Davis and Steve Bisciotti. The company offers one of the largest recruiting and staffing services in the world. The company hires around 10,000 internal employees and 90,000 contractual employees.

Does Aerotek Drug Test their Employees?

The Code of Conduct of the Aerotek Company states that it remains committed to providing its employees with a safe working environment. Substance use and abuse limit an employee’s ability to work productively and safely. For that purpose, Aerotek stays committed to keeping a drug free environment and has a stringent drug and alcohol testing policy. The company also takes responsibility for its clients, taking great care in who they hire to work for their clients. To ensure the hiring of excellent employees for their clients, Aerotek requires its employees to undergo routine substance abuse testing. Also, reasonable suspicion of drug use on the job gives probable cause for drug testing at this company.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing at Aerotek

Prospective Aerotek employees must undergo pre-employment testing when a conditional job offer gets made. People who apply for a safety-sensitive position at this company must have pre-employment drug testing, also. Specific areas of employment that require substance abuse testing at Aerotek include:

• Aerotek Contract Engineering in Dallas, Texas.
• Aerotek Consulting in Baltimore, Maryland.
• TEKsystems (Aerotek) in Westminster, Colorado.
• Aerotek Scientific in Syracuse, New York.
• Aerotek in New York City, New York.

If you seek employment in any of these locations, you’ll be given two business days to get ready for their pre-employment drug testing. If you get a job offer from Aerotek, you might get asked to a drug test immediately. So, stay clean and sober if you plan to apply at any of these locations.

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Which Drugs Does Aerotek Screen For?

Aerotek drug tests look for such substances as:

• Cannabinoids.
• Benzodiazepines.
• Cocaine.
• Opiates.
• Amphetamines.
• Methaqualone.
• Barbituates.
• Phencyclidine.
• Hydrocodone.
• Methadone.
• Ethanol.
• Ecstasy.

What Types of Drug Tests Does Aerotek use?

The branches of Aerotek mentioned above tend to use urine drug tests for their pre-employment drug tests. These urinalysis tests usually include a five-panel analysis. Recent numbers show a significant increase in the usage of marijuana-based drugs since 2013.

Urinalysis testing occurs either on-site or at a registered drug testing laboratory. If you are looking for the best synthetic urine to help you pass a test, view where to buy the top synthetic urine.

Many companies in today’s market use pre-employment and random on-the-job testing. In many cases, standardized drug testing occurs as a final step to a person’s employment. So even though a person might not get drug tested on their first interview, the drug test does happen before the hiring process is complete.

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