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Review: Glass Gripper & Glass Gripper Glow

All new! Glass Gripper Glow, is the world’s thinnest led sticker, that peels and sticks to the bottom of any glass water pipe, hookah, vase, etc, and illuminates glass with bright LED light while also protecting your piece from chipping or breaking when being placed down! Available in 7 different colors LED themes and also comes in 3 sizes. Discover more by going to
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Review: Kindstack containers

A container for those of us, who thrive on variety. Each separate container can carry 4 grams, each screw into each other, allowing you to have multiple layers of stash. Airtight & nearly impossible to destroy, ideal for travel. Kindstack’s latest addition to their line includes: KindScope, which is a microscope with 2 lights; white for up-close viewing & black light to detect mold and other nasties. Lastly, the Kindgrind, which also fits inside your kindstack container.
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Review: 686 Technical Apparel

Get ready for the slopes this winter with 686 apparel, guaranteed to keep you on the slopes longer with their snowboard technical apparel. 686 is unique for their contemporary designs from a skate & snowboard rider’s perspective & lifestyle.