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Review: Powerbox DPC-15000

Running a 10 light load is a tough job! Luckily, the DPC-15000 is up to the task. This unit is capable of running up to ten 1,000 watt lights, plus 120-volt accessories - safely and reliably - year after year. The DPC-15000 is top-quality from the inside, out - every component is selected based on safety, durability and reliability. Rest well knowing that you are protected against fire and electrocution with our microprocessor-controlled GFCI main circuit breaker, which senses dangerous line conditions and reacts immediately to protect you from danger. Don’t trust anything less - an investment in a Powerbox™ Lighting Controller is worth every penny!
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Review: Universal Hydro B46 Bloom Cabinet

Universal Hydro’s flagship product and the one that started it all. The B46 is designed to grow from seed or clone all the way through harvest. UH combined traditional, proven grow methods and combined them with the latest technology and engineering the hydroponics industry has to offer. The result is a system that boasts more grow area, higher powered/commercial grade equipment, more features, less hassle, and the most efficient design when compared with any other grow cabinet or grow box available. Check them out online at:
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Review: Scientific Inhalations

Ready for a revolution of the water pipe? This company out of Grass Valley California has brought handcrafted high quality glass to a whole new level. Scientific Inhalations is famous for the McFinn’s original triple filtered water pipe, which is truly one of our favorite pieces. The latest in their line is the McFinn’s double filter. More of a traditional water pipe look, with an additional glass filler filter that carries virgin coconut shell, which catches ash & resin. When you’re ready for a healthier, cleaner medicating method accept no substitute, worth every penny! Visit them at
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Review: Omicron Vaporizer

A revolutionary personal vaporizer that allows you to vaporizer anywhere and anytime while reducing the cost and eliminating the inconvenience of current devices. This vaporizer offers a healthier alternative to more traditional intake since there is no flame, no burning and therefore no carcinogens. This small discrete device is convenient and easily stored in its rugged case. Check it out at your local collective.
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Review: Glass Gripper & Glass Gripper Glow

All new! Glass Gripper Glow, is the world’s thinnest led sticker, that peels and sticks to the bottom of any glass water pipe, hookah, vase, etc, and illuminates glass with bright LED light while also protecting your piece from chipping or breaking when being placed down! Available in 7 different colors LED themes and also comes in 3 sizes. Discover more by going to

Review: Kindstack containers

A container for those of us, who thrive on variety. Each separate container can carry 4 grams, each screw into each other, allowing you to have multiple layers of stash. Airtight & nearly impossible to destroy, ideal for travel. Kindstack’s latest addition to their line includes: KindScope, which is a microscope with 2 lights; white for up-close viewing & black light to detect mold and other nasties. Lastly, the Kindgrind, which also fits inside your kindstack container.
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Review: 686 Technical Apparel

Get ready for the slopes this winter with 686 apparel, guaranteed to keep you on the slopes longer with their snowboard technical apparel. 686 is unique for their contemporary designs from a skate & snowboard rider’s perspective & lifestyle.