Bank of America Drug Testing Policies

Does the Bank of America Drug Test? It’s a question that I get asked quite frequently. Whether it’s a teller or a position at the back end, seems like anyone who is looking for a job here wants to know the answer to this burning question.

If you’re trying to get a job at the Bank of America, then you will be glad to know that I did some digging and found out that the drug test they do, especially their pre-employment drug test is reserved for only the ‘safety positions’. But I have also learned that one of their documents say that they will still screen employees randomly for a pre-employment drug test. So you need to be careful. 

Will Bank of America Issue You a Drug Test?

Since the Bank of America is a corporation, they have to comply with the strict rules regarding a Drug-Free Workplace Environment. So during employment, they conduct random drug tests. And if you are wondering if you can get in the company without being tested, you may have to change that thinking because they have to follow strict federal laws which say that everyone hired by the corporation must be clean and not taking any drugs. 

So, in short, they do randomly conduct drug tests on their employees and if I were you, I would prepare for those. It is highly unlikely that these tests may not take place, but if they do, they could do it within a day or even a couple of days. I am not sure how many days do they give you before they announce you have to go through a drug test. 

So what you can do is actually find different products that can help you beat the drug test if they do ask you to go through one. There are literally many products available that can help you pass hair drug tests, urine tests, and even mouth swab tests. 

And if you’re already employed at the Bank of America, I always recommend people to have a couple of synthetic urine kits at home so you can easily pass the test when it happens. It is also a really easy method to pull.

What I have learned is that Bank of America usually does a urine-based drug test. I really haven’t heard of any other drug test method they use but be warned, their drug test is a five-panel test. They usually test you for cocaine, THC, amphetamines, opium, and PCP.

I hope this information will help put your mind at ease. Good luck!