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Are you interested in reaching out to the 10.9 million people who visit 
7-Eleven each month in Los Angeles county, Ventura County, Orange County?

We’ve been reaching out to the millions of monthly visitors to 7-Eleven stores in LA and Ventura county — and now Whole Foods markets — each month for the past year with our free magazine.

Are repeat customers the most important part of your business today and in the future? Are you looking for customers that are not concerned by coupons and not one-time shoppers?

Our latest demographics:
#1 34-44 year olds
#2 27-34 year olds
#3 55-64 year olds

Do you already advertise somewhere else — but business is flat? Are you new?

420 Science, a leading manufacturer based in Texas, likes our high results and target audience:
“We have a great relationship with The 420 Times. They are truly concerned with the success of our marketing campaign and has provided us with co-branded opportunities that have directly increased our sales. 420 Science advertises in 17 different magazines and The 420 Times is one of our favorites to work with because they consistently generate a positive ROI, add value to our brand and they’re easy to work with.”

Matt LaPrairie
President of 420 Science

FYI, We are only interested in working with those who we feel very strongly that it could work for them. But, we only have so much space in our magazine — are you ready to turn 2010-2011 into your best year ever?

Everyone wants to know more about the features we cover in our magazine — your potential customers want to know more about you — I think we could have a very good match here for your business.

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