4 Innovative Packaging Styles Boosting the Vape Cartridge Business

Vape is the most popular addiction in adults. Their use is increasing day by day, mostly these are popular among adults but other age groups also consume them a lot, thinking of it as a cool habit. This is a modified type of smoking; vaping makes everyone crazy about them. Unlike cigarettes, this is an electronic device which works with the help of a battery. Vapes have a variety of flavours and when they are added to the device, it enables the user to vape them.

As vapes are such well-known products in the smoke market, they need special packaging which can make them appear more desirable and attention-grabbing.

Vape cartridge packaging by TheSpeedyPack includes every element which should be known by the clients. This will not just attract customers but also make the brand able to stand out in the crowd. Various beautiful vape packaging styles are described below:

Sliding Drawer Boxes:

The sliding drawer boxes have become very popular in the market, they are getting manufactured for numerous products that need protection and safety on the way of shipping. For safety, these boxes are getting used for vapes due to their dense quality. They are trustworthy packaging for vaping because they have two parallel layers which provide complete protection to the product. The materials used for making these boxes are mostly cardboard.

If you browse the internet, you will likely find that some of the product boxes that refer to vaping products are intended explicitly for vaping products since this kind of packaging box does seem to appear in quite a few of them. Many advantages can come from this type of box. It has excellent stability and strength when dropped from high places and can also have superior strength if dropped from a significant height. Also, these boxes have been designed so that their dimensions have been precise down to the millimetre.

This means that they can be customized to your style. The packages are designed to make sure that the product is handled in an emphasized manner as it is moved. It does not matter how the boxes were designed so they could open from either side; even though they can be pushed or pulled, the boxes were still easily removed by pressing them, and they could be forced open by pressing them.

Tuck End Boxes:

Vape and cigarettes are both different but one thing that hasn’t changed is that their consumers never leave them and always want to carry them with themselves. Smokers can never live without them when it becomes an addiction, they need to vape after a specific interval of time. In that case, they need special packaging through which they can carry their products with ease and no damage will come close to them.

So, tuck end boxes are the best way to carry them with no issue while transport and it’s effortless to carry them because they can easily fit in the pocket. As the name shows, both sides of the box are tucked toward each other. In most cases, the bottom end is mostly packed with glue or something to have just one place to open the boxes and the product will be safe. They can easily be carried wherever the person goes and have the satisfaction that the product is safe inside such packaging boxes.

Window Boxes:

Although many packaging solutions are available, some think window boxes cannot be as good as other packaging solutions. This is even though they are aware of the many options available. The reason why they assume window boxes will not work is probably that they are not familiar with them. If they can be used effectively in today’s ever-changing world, packaging boxes with windows are your secret weapon in gaining the most significant number of sales, and our clients must also consider this.

During this time, window boxes for packaging provide an ideal solution since they enable potential consumers to see the products before they purchase them, which is natural human behaviour, so they do not buy anything they would not use again. It is through the use of such business practices that a person is confident in the fact that they will be fully satisfied before they purchase a product.

In that regard, this packaging earns most clients by their appearance and becomes most favourite to sell. These designs of vape packaging are also known as die-cut designs. The window of these boxes gets covered by some sort of transparent laminations sheet fixed with glue or something else. It is an easy process by simply cutting the window on the box and attaching the lamination sheet over it to make it packed properly. Also, this can be made at home for some product packaging.

Flip-Top Boxes:

It is another type of stylish cape packaging box option. Vape as well as cigarettes contain a large amount of nicotine and other harmful substances, it is also known that more than 400 chemicals are used in them. The vape becomes very harmful for the person who smokes as well as for the people in the surrounding because their smoke goes inside their body as well. They create a lot of health issues for people but vapes are considered less harmful as compared to cigarettes.

To provide safety to these vapes, flip-top boxes are used. These boxes have the capability to safeguard the vapes from the environment. These boxes have an opening at the top that gets opened by flipping with fingers. These boxes have some variety, one of them can have an inserted design which can help them store vapes in a good manner and they will not move unless people do it. This inserted design can be found as the most useful way of providing safety to the vapes.


Hopefully, this blog will help you find the perfect style for your vape packaging, right?

Author: Shane Dwyer
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