Do you have a cannabis lover in your life? Whether you are single and want to gift yourself this Valentine’s Day, or are a cannabis couple, Huxton’s Love Bundle is a must have for contemporary cannabis connoisseurs and chic supporters. The Love Bundle features a His and Her tee-shirt of your choice, a scented aromatherapy candle of your choice (available in Rise to energize and focus; HiFi to motivate and excite; Zen to relax and unwind) and Huxton’s handcrafted Walnut Ashtray. Crafted from a solid piece of walnut and finished with Tung oil, Huxton’s Walnut Ashtray  is artisan designed and features five resting places and four holes that can hold a joint vertically to compliment any décor style or cannabis lifestyle.

Huxton is the first experience-based cannabis company and flower brand in the U.S., and has created a way to delineate the effects of cannabis on the user and the “experience” of their high. Huxton’s handcrafted cultivation process and genetic science has identified and categorized Huxton’s products based on how your high will feel vs the traditional plant structure identification model currently used in the cannabis industry. Huxton’s product “series” include HiFi, Rise and Zen, that each provide a specific, consistent user experience to simplify, demystify, and elevate cannabis for today’s modern marijuana lifestyles.

For Valentine’s Day, Huxton is also featuring its exclusive cannabis blend, The Love Series, to light up your romance. The Love Series is curated to be an aphrodisiac and increase intimacy and sensuality for you and your other half. The Love Series is available to purchase throughout the entire month of February.

The Love Gift Set is $99 (a $135 value) and available to purchase on Huxton’s website,

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