Read the Instruction Manual

While this might seem like an obvious thing to say, it might surprise you how many people dive straight in without reading the instructions. Each vaporizer works in different ways, to find out the best way to prime your Boundless CFX for optimal use is to read the manual. By reading the manual you will learn all about the functions and uses for your unit and therefore lose the potential to waste time with trial and error. The Boundless CFX is a very simple to use unit which even the rookie among vapists will have little to no difficulty in using.

Always Preheat your Unit

It is always highly recommended to preheat your unit before use. During the manufacture stage, it becomes impossible to prevent oils or residues from remaining in the electrical areas of your vape. When your unit is new, and before you use it, turn the heating settings to full power and allow the unit it to cleanse itself in this way. The Boundless CFX will then be ready for use with the assurance of no unwanted toxins tainting your flavor. It actually pays to preheat your unit each time before use to ensure the best quality of vapor production at all times.

Grind your herbs

It is considered imperative to grind your herbs before use. Regardless of the vape you are using, the vast majority require a grind of some nature. With the Boundless CFX, all kinds of grind will work from the roughest to the finest. Personally, I find a well grinded load to be far more beneficial to the quality of the vapor produced. The Chamber of the CFX is one of the most impressive on the market, with an incredible capacity of up to 1g of finely ground herb, you are sure to have plenty of vapor for your packing.

Choose a temperature

The temperature setting which you choose to vape your herbs at is an integral part of the experience. As we all know, our herbs can come in different shapes and sizes and of all kinds of consistencies. Some can be holding significantly more moisture and some can be considerably drier. It is through trial and error that you will find the temperature to suit what your smoking. Additionally, personal preference plays a massive part in the decision process.

Take Slow, Long Draws

To enjoy optimal vapor production it is considered an unwritten rule to take long, slow, exaggerated draws. The reason it is important to take the longer style draws to ensure the maximum amount of air can reach the chamber, this is turn produces thicker clouds, stronger flavors and an all round better vaping experience. By take slower, exaggerated pulls from your Boundless CFX you also combat against the screens becoming clogged or herbs reaching the mouthpiece.

Clean your Unit Regularly

Cleaning your unit at regular intervals is considered to be the most important part of preserving the longevity of your unit. While the cleaning side of vaping isn’t favorable, its is considerably easier than with bongs or pipes and with much less residue. By cleaning your unit after use you are ensuring that no unwanted toxins or residues remain in the vapor path. By making sure your Boundless CFX is cleaned regularly, you are sure to preserve how long it lasts, with proper care and attention and proper cleaning you should have a vaporizer with life with the Boundless CFX

Enjoy the Experience

I kept the best tip until last; enjoy the experience. With vaping, it is important to be enjoying what you are doing to be completely fulfilled by the experience. The best way to achieve these results is to follow the tips and tricks I have mentioned in this article. By using the right information and implementing in a way which optimises your vaporizer, you are sure to have nothing but fun and enjoyable times with your Boundless CFX.

Overall, Boundless aren’t making these impressive gains in the vaporizer market by fluke. The overall usability, portability and all round value for money in their products has seen this company grow in extremely fast fashion. By following my advice, you are sure to experience the highest quality vaping experience using your Boundless CFX Vaporizer.