Arizer is famous worldwide for their top-quality vaporizers, and with good reason! These well-loved vapes deliver delicious vapor day in day out, and at a price range that won’t hurt your pocket as much as other top-shelf vaporizers will. They have a wide array of vaporizers, from desktop to portable to utterly discreet, and the Canadian company doesn’t hide the fact that they work hard to create pieces that will last a lifetime!

This makes choosing just a top three quite difficult but after a large discussion and lots of comparing we have managed to narrow it down. Here are the Top 3 Arizer vaporizers!

Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is the perfect desktop vaporizer, and as the owner of many, I don’t say that lightly! An incredibly light device, it can be placed away with ease if discretion is needed. This sleek piece still looks modern, despite debuting a few years back. A perfectly proportioned device, it regularly gets compared to pricer famous desktop pieces like the Volcano as a more budget-friendly option.

Coming with a remote control, vaping has never been easier! The remote makes everything very simple, as it controls everything that helps make the Extreme Q unique to you! It can change everything from the precision temperatures as far to the brightness of the lights at the base of the device. The vape can heat in as fast as 20 seconds, but it goes recommended that about a minute of time heating up will help the full device reach its full potential.

Another benefit that comes with the Extreme Q is the fact it has dual-usage, meaning it can be used with both whips and balloons! Whips are ideal for scenarios where you want to enjoy a relaxing session alone, and also for small groups of friends! With the fans, which can be turned off if you’d rather use your own pull with the whip, the balloons fill in under 2 minutes which is phenomenally fast! These balloons are great for bigger parties, as everyone can pass them around separate to the vaporizer itself and enjoy the contents at full potency for up to 30 minutes!

Arizer Solo 2

At a first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Solo 2 was the same as the original Solo vaporizer, but it’s behind the shell that matters the most with this vaporizer. With a much larger battery, it can now run for 3 hours continuously, making it one of the longest lasting vaporizers on the planet! Even higher-end vapes like the Mighty that match the top-quality vapor and device quality cant reach the same battery heights, and for that the Solo 2 wins across the board!

The Solo 2 also heats up in under 20 seconds, a great range for a time where many vapes still take over a minute. Through the screen on the front you can rotate between different temperature options, and enjoy that smooth tasty vapor Arizer are so well known for through the aroma glass tips that have become synonymous with the brand.

While bulkier than its new brother the Arizer Air 2, this is still most definitely a portable vaporizer. Ideal for scenarios where you need a vape that can take a few bumps, it’ll be perfect for taking on hikes or camping with its super long-lasting battery life and overall sturdiness. It wont fit as comfortably in your back pocket as other vaporizers might, but it can still be carried in a bag without any problem as long as you have a space for the glass tips.

Arizer Air 2

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Though smaller than the original Air vaporizer, this doesn’t mean it has any less of a punch! This vape is Arizer’s most portable creation yet, light and sleek it is ready to be carried around in a pocket or a small bag with full discretion. Upgrading from the original Air’s LCD screen, there’s now a stunning OLED screen ready to help you get your perfect temperatures! You can customize everything on this screen, and even check the battery life too.

Speaking of battery life, the Arizer Air 2 has made massive improvements to the original. With a giant 50% extra battery space, you’ll be enjoying the great tasting hits from this vape all day long. With a replaceable battery and the ability to be used while dead as long as plugged into a charging port, the device is perfect for being brought on road trips or vacations!

The hybrid oven is what gives the Air 2 its perfect flavors, as a blend of combustion and convection come together to fully release everything from your ground materials. The convection works to push hot air past the blended mix, and as it works it heats up the oven inducing combustion. Between both methods, you get a complete array of released flavors. Overall this is one of most complete vaporizers of the year, not just from Arizer.


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