According to CNN, “More pregnant women seem to be using pot.” I’ll just have to assume whoever wrote that was 94, because no one else would say people are “using pot,” but I digress. The statement is based on a new study that shows more pregnant women are consuming cannabis for ailments like nausea and anxiety.

Between the years of 2006 and 2014, the study found, the amount of pregnant California women smoking weed went from 4.2 to 7.1 percent. That’s a pretty big jump. A smaller jump in marijuana use among pregnant women has been noticed nationally.

The science is not settled on how a pregnant mother consuming cannabis affects the baby, but all signs seem to point to it being a bad idea. Since the brain is in the early stages of development while the mother is smoking, it’s possible marijuana will cause development problems in the child. Technically you’d be safest not using cannabis before you’re in your 20s, but the brain is especially sensitive before you’re born.

That being said, marijuana does certainly do many things that a pregnant mother could benefit from. Nausea, anxiety, depression, pain and more can be treated with marijuana compounds, so it makes sense women would want to use it during pregnancy. Furthermore, the alternative, prescription drugs, could be more dangerous. It’s definitely not an easy situation.

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