Cannabis Festival Entertainment at  the Barcelona ’18 Spannabis  Feria Càǹamo   

Did you know that there is actually an annual cannabis festival in Spain that celebrates the significance of the cannabis plant? Yes! It has been celebrated for 11 years. Last year, the international conference on cannabis exhibit was held in Madrid. Next year, it will be Barcelona’s turn to host the Barcelona ’18 Spannabis Feria Càǹamo scheduled on March 9 – 11, 2018.

Although in the past, there are still skeptical Spanish citizens who have been against legalizing marijuana. However, contrary to the stigma attached to this infamous shrub; the legal hemp (“càǹamo” as locally called by Spanish people) has a lot of beneficial uses. Hemp is a processed product from marijuana. The processed hemp can be used for cloth, natural medicine (like an antidepressant, pain reliever, and cancer prevention), and comfort food.

With the rich vast land area of Spain, most locals’ source of living relies on tourism, artistry, agriculture, cattle raising, and farming. Production and manufacture of processed hemp is one of the industry locals are thankful for. With Spain’s large number of Catholic followers, locals express their gratitude for hefty harvest and good life through festivity. What originally was a local festival for good harvest was then structured into an international event. Legal Marijuana advocates organize this annual event to campaign for awareness of proper usage, ending misconception on cannabis plant, and furthering medical breakthrough researchers.

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