When choosing the right Vaporizer for you there is a lot of different things you have to consider. You must first off decide what kind of vaporizer you are after before even thinking about brands or the quality of vapor you want.

The market for vaporizers has grown dramatically in the last ten years and is projected to continue doing so for the years to come. With this in mind the manufacturers like Storz & Bickel must continue to innovatively improve their products to keep themselves in the competition.

Being the creators of the world renowned Volcano vaporizer, Storz & Bickel are considered to be heavyweights in the vaporizer world with models such as the Crafty and the Mighty leading the sales charts. This is no fluke and rather down to the quality of the product in comparison to the price.

Affordable quality is difficult to come by in the world of vaping and its for this reason that Storz & Bickel continue to blow us away with their models of Vaporizers. In this article you will learn more about the Plenty Vaporizer and the reasons why it has become as popular as it has.


A very clever feature of the Plenty Vaporizer is the stainless steel cooling aid coil. Situated between the mouthpiece and the chamber the spiralled coil acts as a mechanism to cool the vapor before it reaches the mouthpiece. As the vapor can reach extremely high temperatures it is a great advantage to have a top quality cooling mechanism in place to ensure you don’t burn your mouth or be on the receiving end of harsh, overly hot vapor. While the plenty may not look like your average vaporizer it certainly makes up for it in usability. The people behind the design at Storz & Bickel nailed it with this excellent cooling aid design.


Another excellent feature of the Plenty Vaporizer is how easily it can be disassembled and reassembled. The cooling mechanism and mouthpiece easily screw apart which with some units can be a stressful practice. While not being a major deal with some, the ease of accessibility can be a major factor with others when choosing a vaporizer. It’s as simple as unscrewing the different sections and with both items being replacable it’s not as big of a problem as it can be with other vaporizers on the market. Definitely an advantage to all, its not hard to understand how Storz & Bickel’ easily accessed design is as popular as it is.


Not all Vaporizer manufacturers have warranties to match their claims and because of this it can be difficult to trust their products. The way to look at this topic is to consider that if a company is willing to give a warranty of three years for a vaporizer then it clearly has confidence in its product. We see companies giving as short as twelve month guarantees which shows little except the lack of confidence and quality they have in their product. When the design and the quality of the materials used are collaborated with the warranty offered it is no surprise to see the confidence in Storz & Bickel’ products soaring.


Probably the most important area to consider when choosing your vape is the how the unit performs. Every Vaporizer be it Desktop or Portable, have their own characteristics, some are designed for simply creating strong powerful vapor while others are designed with truly flavoursome vapor in mind. Consider what it is you want from your Vape before buying one and find the one you feel represents your needs the best. The Plenty offers a high performance unit for what is considered a highly reasonable price for the product category it falls into. The majority of desktop vaporizers can go very high into the hundreds price wise and that is why it so difficult to ignore the performance the Plenty can offer for significantly less. Considered to be one of the most easy flowing vapes on the market it really can be classed a pleasure to use.


Everybody has different opinions about what they consider to be quality vapor. Some us are concerned mainly with taste while others are concerned with the quantity. These aren’t the only issues to consider when discussing vapor quality, we must consider the strength, density, smoothness and potency. The Plenty has it all. The cooling coil we looked at earlier plays an integral part in ensuring the vapor we receive is of the finest quality and the clouds it creates are particularly impressive. The smoothness and the density of the vapor was in no way sacrificed when designing this unit and its fair to say you are guaranteed to be pleased with the potency of the vapor produced. Storz & Bickel are quickly building their already strong reputation with every product they release and it comes to no surprise when the vapor their products are creating is as good as it is.


The chamber of the Plenty Vaporizer is a very interesting design. Larger than most in both volume and surface area the Plenty’s chamber can hold a significant amount of dry herb. This is a very important feature as we all know how frustrating it can be having to refill regularly. A lot of us when choosing the vaporizer we want don’t take it into consideration how important the chamber can be. The Plenty uses a stainless steel chamber and a hybrid form of heating to vaporize our materials. While stainless steel can sometimes put us off a vaporizer there is absolutely no taste defects associated with the Plenty. Designed to be used alone or with friends the Plenty’s bowl can give you extended vaping sessions without the vapor quality suffering. While it is recommended to fill the chamber fully with grounded herbs the Plenty vaporizer doesn’t have to be filled to capacity to perform optimally. The large surface area ensures the herbs are evenly cooked throughout meaning the highest quality vapor and flavor.


Storz & Bickel provide you with a concentrate pad to allow you to consume concentrates, oils and resins with the Plenty Vaporizer. A very nice addition, the concentrate pad fits inside the chamber and heats the materials in the process without letting any remnants leak to the electrics of the machine. Another use for the concentrate they supply is to pack down your herb when the chamber isn’t filled to capacity. Like mentioned before, the chamber with the Plenty is quite large, this makes it difficult to keep our herbs from moving around in the oven when it isn’t full. The concentrate pad acts as a weight, keeping your herbs compact at ensuring an even heating throughout. It’s literally as simple as placing the concentrate pad on your grounded material, reassembling the unit and enjoying the excellent clouds this unit produces.

Storz & Bickel have gained a well deserved high reputation in the field of Vaporizers and it’s no surprise. Their dedication to improving quality and implementing new ideas is no doubt a contributing factor, however, the products they have available to us at the moment and the continued excellent reviews they receive are also defining factors in how the Storz & Bickel is continuing to grow in popularity at the rate they are. The Plenty Vaporizer is an excellent example of how affordable quality can be achieved and its popularity is sure to continue to grow.

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