The Firefly 2 is a fantastic vaporizer, but one of the things that sets it above its competition is its ability to adapt to any situation. Be it personal or party vaping, be it for maximum impact or discreet use, and of course, be it for dry herbs or concentrates. That’s right, the Firefly 2 vaporizer, if you didn’t know already, is easily adapted to concentrates through a simple accessory which we’ll be breaking down later, but it’s an amazing achievement for this vaporizer to have accomplished because, now, no matter what you’d like to be vaping, you can vape it with ease.

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is widely considered to be one of the ultimate party vapes. It’s capable of heating up almost instantly, has a massive bowl to it, doesn’t have any kind of auto-shutdown timer, and now that we’re talking about how well it delivers its concentrates; yeah, it’s capable of doing that too. Since the time of the original Firefly, it’s been capable of being passed around from person to person as they each try to capture their perfect, full manual, vaping experience, and many failing along the way. Those that do capture the beauty of the Firefly however grow to really appreciate it’s delicious, lung filling power. That said, the firefly does just as well as a personal session vape, with you being able to take the time to really appreciate the model and sink into your couch as that full convection heat delivers a great toast to your herbs.

How Is The Firefly 2 Capable Of Vaping Concentrates

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is capable of vaping concentrates through a specific accessory you can purchase separately. Like a few other portable vaporizers, the Firefly 2 vaporizer is capable of vaping waxes, oils and other such concentrates through a specifically designed concentrate pad which fits snugly into the bowl of the Firefly 2. They’re incredibly cheap, super simple to insert and held plenty of concentrate. They’re also easy enough to clean, but concentrate pads are kind of a temporary accessory. Luckily they’re not too expensive to begin with so you can by multiple sets in the same order without breaking the bank. It may be a smart idea to buy one set first to practice with so you can get the hang of the adjustment from dry herb to waxes.


The Manual Control

Hands down this has got to be one of the greatest aspects of the Firefly 2 Vaporizer. Manual control is when a you have intuitive control over both the heat and cloud density of the material that you’re vaping. The firefly accomplishes this with two sensors along the side of the vape which can be held down to heat the unit. Taking your fingers off of the sensors will stop the unit from heating any sooner. This should give you, to the exact degree, your ideal vape. To get your ideal vapor density, all you have to do is control how fast you breath in. Longer, deeper breaths will create a much thicker vapor.

Fully manual control vaporizers are rare, but there are others out there. What the Firefly 2 vaporizer has however is the ability to transfer this control over to concentrates, and the only other vaporizer we can think of that can even come close to this function is the Magic Flight Maud Dib, which is a great vaporizer, but nowhere near as advanced. Overall manual control has a reputation for being for die-hard vapors who crave that perfect vaping session, and in terms of achieving that kind of quality, only the Firefly 2 vaporizer seems capable of accomplishing it consistently. There’s definitely a learning curve to it, but those that have managed to come close have really appreciate the uniqueness. The same could be said for the concentrates the Firefly 2 is capable of vaping, which adds the same level of uniqueness and control that traditionally consumed concentrates just aren’t used to seeing.

Image Source – Namaste Vapes Canada

A Few Tips

There’s a few things you should know if you’re hoping to get your perfect Firefly 2 concentration session. Firstly, any random concentrate pad will not work. Concentrate pads are often specifically designed for the vaporizer. Depending on the density of the wiring as well as the tightness of the overall wrapping of the pad, you’re going to get different results. Concentrate pads usually expand with the heat so if the wrong concentrate pad is used that isn’t prepared for the kind of heat of a specific vape, it could end up melting or warping and damaging your vape. This especially goes for the Firefly 2 which has a very unpredictable heat given its manual control, so making sure you get Firefly brand concentrate pads is very important.

When you’re ready to remove the concentrate pad, first, always make sure it’s cooled down before removing it, but also find yourself a good tool for wedging between the many pads of the pad and prying it up. The Firefly 2 has to make sure the concentrate pad stays secure during vaping so it’s usually a tight fit, but usually whatever dabbing too your used, or even a paper clip, will work wonders. Really, anything with a thin, metal point should do the trick. Also, don’t be afraid to be a little forceful. The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is a well built piece of kit so it would just break on you.

The Concentrate Experience

As a 100% convection, manual control vape, you can expect the utmost level of respect towards your oils and it will show in the flavor. The convection toastiness you get with dry herbs seamlessly transitions over to the waxes and with the Firefly’s low draw resistance and breath controlled density, you can really fill your lungs with top quality vapor. We’ve been talking a lot about concentrates, but it’s worth pointing out that there’s so many different kind of concentrates. From basic waxes and oils to shatter and budder. They all have different consistencies, but the Firefly 2 Vaporizer manages to vape them all perfectly. We’ve yet to hear of it being incapable of vaping any concentrate to perfection.

So Why Is Firefly Considered The King?

Overwhelming quality of vapor; pure and simple. The Firefly 2 comes out of the gate strong with its manual control that’s been winning people over since it was first released, but that alone isn’t enough to be considered the king. Firefly 2 is considered to be one of the most top market brands, so of course the quality has to be there. In terms of the build materials and the design, the convection heated oven and the concentrate pad accessory that makes vaping concentrates possible to begin with, you can really see that the Firefly 2 vaporizer is a well thought out device, and the ability to adapt it to concentrates was just as well thought out.

Concentrates are easily going to be the way of the future, as is vaping in general, but the fact that these two worlds are colliding in a handful of the smartest vaporizers currently on the market is definitely worthy of notice. Over the next few years, more and more vaporizers will be capable of vaping both dry herbs and concentrates and the absolute ruler of that world will have to be decided soon, and with the Firefly 2 being a firm favourite among die hard vapers and presenting its trademark style and well balanced heating system to the world of concentrates, the Firefly 2 Vaporizer has done a fantastic job bringing itself a lot of attention.

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