The Pax 2 is a stylish and well designed portable vaporizer. It is powerful with a surprisingly long lasting battery. It is specifically designed for dry herb vaping. The device has been crafted to a extremely high profile and is very easy to use. The device itself is very stealthy. Here in this blog we will provide a full user guide in how to use the Pax 2 and how to maintain it.

Included in the Box

When you purchase a brand new Pax 2 a few things will be included.

These are;

  • The Pax 2
  • Two mouthpieces
  • A magnetic charging cradle with USB cord
  • Pax cleaning kit

Getting started

Okay, when first opening up your Pax 2 box you will need to charge the device, To do these you get the charger which is also in the box and plug in either into the wall through an adaptor or into your computer. Then you place the Pax 2 into the cradle to charge it. You can tell how charged the Pax 2 is by how many lights are lit up on the X light on the device.

  • 1 light = 0.25%
  • 2 lights = 25-50%
  • 3 lights = 50-75%
  • 4 lights = 75-100%

Now that the Pax 2 is completely charged its ready to be used. To do this you simply remove the magnetic lid at the top of the device and pack in the herb of your choice. This particular vaporizer performs best when the herb is tightly packed and at least half way filled up, so do this to get the best vaping experience. You can pack it right to the top to do a few sessions without having to reload again.

Once the oven of the device is nicelty packed close the lid over and its ready for the next step!

Image Source – Namaste Vapes Canada

Turning your device on

To turn the device on your simply press the center of the mouthpiece. When on the device will starts heating up. It usually only takes about 30-60 seconds for it to reach full heat You will know its heating up because the LEDs wil pulse a purple colour while it is. When the device is finished heating the LEDs will go a steady green colour.

The temperature control

The Pax 2 comes with four temperature settings that can be used to better control the type of vaping experience you want. To adjust the temperature settings you simply hold down the mouthpiece for a few seconds while the device is on. You will know when the device is in a temperature set mode as the LEDs will go from green to yellow, then to orange and red. You can select through the different modes by pressing the center of the devices mouthpiece.

When you have reached the setting you want to choose you simply hold down the center of the mouthpiece or shake the device.

Cleaning and maintaining the device

To keep the Pax clean and efficient there are some steps should be taken

  • Remove the mouthpiece and the oven lid from the device
  • Put the pipe cleaner of the device into the isopropyl alcohol
  • Soak the mouthpiece and the oven screen in alcohol as well. Do not put the oven lid in it though.
  • Put the pipe cleaner into the vapour path and pull it in and out to clean the device. The inside of the oven can be cleaned with a Q-tip that has been soaked in isopropyl alcohol.
  • Before replacing the oven screen and the mouthpiece make sure that they are completely dry.

Pax recommends that you clean the device after every few uses to both prolong product longevity and to help the device remain efficient.

When the device is left idle for 30 seconds the device will start to cool down to save the battery life and the herb within it. When you pick it up and put it to your mouth it will start to heat up again so you can use it. If you leave the pax for 2 minutes the device will completely shut down for safety and battery preservation reasons.

Hidden Features of the Pax 2

According to the Pax 2 creators some devices firmwire have some Easter Eggs within code that can make the device capable of a few extra tricks. It is worth giving these a go to see if yours is compatible, just for some extra fun.

Simon game: This classic game has bee coded into some Pax 2 devices. To start the game you have to hold the device between the two of your hands horizonatly, then you twist it. This should make LEDs flash white. After they flash four times they will appear in a sequence. You then tilt your Pax to replicate the sequence. It you do it right the lights will go red, when done right they will go white.

Secret song: When you complete 20 levels of simon you will be rewarded with a song. You can start by shaking the pax and bringing it to your ear.

Pacman game – If you shake your Pax 2 quite a few times the lights will go yellow which will start a pacman sort of game. It’s not the best replication but it’s good for four pixels. If you get to level five you will unlock another secret song. The song will play when the device is shaken and held to the ear or even when it’s been turned on.

According to Pax Labs these features are not available on every model of Pax 2. They have randomly selected which ones get them and what ones don’t. Its worth giving your device a try to see if it has any of them and if it doesnt dont worry as there seem to be more and more being found. Try google to see if you can find anymore or experiment yourself.

The Pax 2 Is an unbelievable device that is worth every penny. Its technology and use make it reign supreme over pretty much every portable vape and makes it hold its own even when compared to bigger more expensive desktop vaporizers. Make sure to purchase yours today from an online store such as Namaste Vapes.

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