The marijuana nation was ecstatic this week as New Jersey elected a pro-legalization governor, Democrat Phil Murphy. He beat Republican Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno in Tuesday night’s election.

Murphy said legalizing recreational cannabis for those 21 and older would be a priority in his first 100 days in office. A state legislature sponsoring just such a proposal said he expected things to move fast now that Murphy was in the governor’s seat.

“It’s full steam ahead,” said state Sen. Nicholas Scutari. “The election of Phil Murphy gets us a giant step closer. Without him, I don’t know where we would be. He has a 100 percent commitment to it.”

Sixty-five percent of New Jersey voters support such legislation, according to a recent Predictwise/Pollfish poll. Erik Altieri, executive director of NORML, said this was just another sign that legalization is sweeping the United States.

“Candidates across the country should take notice, as Phil Murphy won the Governor’s seat soundly because of, not in spite of, his open and vocal support for legalizing marijuana – a position supported by 65% of New Jersey voters and 64% of Americans nationwide,” he said. “NORML looks forward to working with Governor-Elect Murphy and other stakeholders in the state to end the disastrous policy of marijuana prohibition and to implement the moral, economic, and scientifically sound policy of legalization and regulation in the Garden State.”

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