“Peru Legalizes Marijuana Since…Peru began debating the decriminalization of medical marijuana in February after Peruvian police shut down a makeshift laboratory where a group of mothers was making marijuana oil for their sick children. The raid garnered media attention and sparked a public outrage, including a march on Congress and testimonies from celebrities supporting the bill.”      

  –Drug Policy Press Release

As we continue to move toward freedom of cannabis prohibition, many states in the USA are legalizing cannabis. Now, more international countries are following suit in legalizing medical marijuana such a Peru. In the past month, Peru legalizes marijuana for medical use toward many citizens.

How did they come to this decision?

According to the drug policy press release, in February police officials were busting mothers who were trying to create “marijuana” oil. These mothers were then prosecuted for drug trafficking because they were trying to help ease their children’s pain with “marijuana”.

This resulted in getting the media’s attention and gave supporters the drive to march down to Congress. They made a gigantic movement that led to a bill, written by congressman Alberto de Belaunde, where Peru legalizes marijuana

The bill began to take form from earlier this year until now. It also resulted in 67 votes in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. The bill allows citizens to sell, produce, and distribute medical cannabis. Now, Peru citizens are free to purchase and produce cannabis without the fear of being raided.


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