One pot shop designer will make you want to visit cannabis retail shops as her designs leave a dent in your mind. Megan Stone is an uprising millennial making a name for herself as a marijuana designer for retail shops. Indeed many cannabis entrepreneurs have passion brewing inside their gut, but how many of them actually move mountains like Megan Stone?


One Pot Shop Designer

Photo Credit:  Carl Schultz.

She rode on high hills as employee, manager, and now business owner since 2013. Megan Stone began discovering her knack for design which began the start of her company, High Roads Studio.

Megan’s passion drives her forward to design exquisite cannabis shops as she quotes:

“My passion lies in elevating the cannabis industry by designing exquisite experiences. The benefits of design and its impact on peoples’ perceptions, I believe, will be revolutionary for us.”

-Megan Stone

The design of one cannabis retail shop is exactly what she preaches. One anonymous reviewer quoted, “I’ve never seen a pot shop look so clean”! Watch out, this one pot shop designer will make you moan in awe, as you’ll see in a cannabis shop called Level Up.

Photo Credit: Photographer  Richard Cadan

Megan Stone won awards from 2017 Best Store Designs of The Year, Best in Show for International Visual Competition, First Place in Retail Renovation Competition, and Shop! Design award.

Photo Credit: Photographer Richard Cadan

Photo Credit: Photographer Richard Cadan

Not only did she win these awards but over the course of time she’s taken magazine design awards such as 2017 Magazine Design Influencer Award, 2016 Retail Magazine 40 Under 40 Award, Marijuana Venture Magazine 40 Under 40 Award, and 2015 VMSD Magazine Designer Dozen Award.

One Pot Designer

Photo Credit: Carl Schultz

As a cannabis designer driving the industry forward, she’s one to watch out for. Who knows, this one pot shop designer may make your pot shop looking magnificent and exquisitely sharp. Until then be sure to take a gander at her company High Rise Studios, and her social media profiles from FacebookInstagramLinkedin, to Twitter.

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