First marijuana overdose? Why are these doctors claiming baby dies of cannabis overdose when clearly their statement doesn’t tell any specific details?

In the last few weeks, media news outbursts were raging over top headlines identifying first marijuana overdose in one infant. However, this was false unclear information. These two poison control doctors were reviewing a study report on an infant with Myocarditis.

What were they trying to accomplish?

The 11 month-year-old patient was brought in through ED with a nervous system in CNS depression. Then the boy went into cardiac arrest. Apparently, these two doctors have suggested there is a relationship between cannabis and the recent heart failure of a patient with myocarditis. It seemed these two doctors were studying this case as the child had the presence of cannabis in his system.

Although cannabis was present in his system, they’ve failed to mention the historical background or childhood environment. These unanswered questions need answers such as “Was this child in a stable environment? Did the child receive any drugs other than cannabis ingested into his system? These unanswered questions are specific to the claim they’re suggesting which could help us understand better.

In the study report, it stated:

“The authors propose a relationship between cannabis
exposure in this patient and myocarditis, leading to cardiac arrest and ultimately death.”

They didn’t specifically say cannabis is what killed the baby. They eluded to cannabis being associated with the child’s death as it was in his system.

Yes, it’s also true they name cases of other individuals with the same myocarditis illness whose also had cannabis in their system. However, we don’t really know the specifics about these claims either.

If we are to take what they say seriously without any extra evidence or specific details than how can we trust what these doctors are saying?

Are we suppose to take their word for it and not ask any specific questions, because they’re doctors?

Overall, these headlines misled the public into thinking the actual cannabis plant itself killed a baby boy. These two doctors may have overstepped however, it seems they’ve cleared it up through many media outlets including High Times.

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