The company Arizer has brought us some fantastic, affordable and efficient vaporizers over the past few years and with the Arizer Air 2, this trend continues. Arizer has a whole host of fantastic products within their range including the ultra-popular desktop vaporizer the Extreme Q Vaporizer, and the portable, subtle and powerful Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer. We’ll be taking an in-depth look today into their newest release; the Arizer Air 2. Some of the features that we will look at today include the build quality of the Air 2, the vapor quality produced from this vaporizer, the design and feel and then lastly and overall assessment of this fantastic portable vaporizer. So without any further waiting, let’s get going on why we think the Arizer Air 2 is one of the very best vapes of the year.

Arizer Air 2 – Build Quality

Arizer is a company which prides itself on producing some quality vaporizer builds and is definitely one of the top manufacturers in the world when it comes to top quality builds. The entire Arizer range of products are comprised of quality parts that are backed up with a 2 year warranty. The Arizer customer service is also widely lauded so have no fear of dealing with them. The Arizer Air 2 Vape set out to improve on the already impressive original Arizer Air vape. The Air 2 features a new digital display unit which allows users to vape at precise temperatures, the improved battery in the Air 2 also allows users to vape for longer and has a much shorter heat up time.

Arizer Air 2 – Vapor Quality

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Arizer has always had units which produce some world class vapor, and surprise, surprise, the Air 2 is no different. The Arizer Air 2 might actually top that list as it is capable of producing some serious high-quality vapor. Both of the Air models are designed to be used with an isolated airpath which greatly helps the vapor remain pure and flavorful. By utilising this single airpath, the Air 2 ensures that no vapor ever comes into contact with any of the electronics found within the vaporizer. The Arizer Air 2 then uses a borosilicate glass stem that protrudes from the top of the unit as a mouthpiece.

The Arizer Air 2 Vape is definitely a more powerful Vape than its predecessor and this is seen in it’s much more powerful drawing power. The heating system in the Air 2 is significantly more powerful than previous vapes and this also contributes to creating a powerful, tasty draw.

Arizer Air 2 – Design

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The original Arizer Air vape had a completely new and innovative design when it was first released, and the Arizer Air 2 has tried to stay as similar to the original as possible. The Air 2 is a slim, long vaporizer that closely resembles a pen vape. Similar to all Arizer products, the Air 2 has a unique design that sets it apart from the chasing pack. The size of the Air 2 is somewhat surprising, it’s a compact, subtle device that has a very stylish and smooth finish. When you are travelling with the Air 2, and the mouthpiece is not attached, the Air 2 is super compact and can slip into your pocket really easily. The Arizer Air 2 has a good weight to it and both feels and is extremely durable.


At the end of the day, Arizer are a brand that is completely steeped in quality and innovation. The Arizer Air 2 is a great vaporizer, just like how the original Air was a fantastic vaporizer for it’s time. The Air 2 Vape makes some solid improvements on the original, with it’s increased power and battery capacity. The improved display units also add massively to this vaporizer and makes the learning curve super easy for anyone to pick up and start vaping.

Overall we have to admit that the Arizer Air 2 is a worthy successor to the original Air Vape. It has significantly improved on a lot of aspects of the original and Arizer has also continued to innovate with the Air 2. One of the best Vapes to be released this year, be sure to check it out!

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