“The American people overwhelming support cannabis reform, and we have more support than ever in Congress. I launched the Cannabis Fund to keep up this momentum

-Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon

Anti-marijuana lawmakers are making unfair decisions within the cannabis industry. This is why Oregon’s Representative is taking action to prevent this. According to an article report by the Statesman Journal, representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon creates Portland Democrat’s Cannabis Fund to start massively moving the cannabis industry forward.

Representative Blumenauer cannabis fund reached $2,000 from the last time it reported financial costs in June. This was quite awhile ago since they’ve heard about financial gains in his funding. However, there’s no doubt that contributions will continue to rise in support of enhancing cannabis policies and regulations.

Blumenauer isn’t the only pot-friendly representative whose created a cannabis funding geared toward improvement. There are other committees who are funding to improve policies and regulations within the cannabis industry.

It was reported to the Statesman Journal that the Federal Election Commission records showed an estimate of $177,840 in the 2015-16 election cycle of committee funding in the cannabis industry. The committees providing cannabis funding are the National Cannabis Industry Association, the Marijuana Policy Project, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Why does it matter if other experts are putting funds toward the cannabis industry to improve upon policies?

It’s important to discuss other cannabis industry funding committees because we need to know how they are using the money to move the industry forward and how well they are using their organized planning.

Organized planning to thwart against anti-marijuana lawmakers is the best way to enhance the cannabis industry forward in the most appropriate way possible. This is how representative Blumenauer reached his decision to create the cannabis fund. He knew exactly what to do with the $2,000 as his attention was geared at Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas.

Anti-marijuana lawmakers are being thwarted because of representatives like Pete Sessions. He has anti-opinions toward marijuana policies that make it hard for patients to use medical marijuana. These patients are veterans who were having a hard time of receiving their medication according to the Statesman Journal.

There’s much more planning that Oregon’s representative has plotted to change policies and to create a better world that’s outlined more in-depth from the Statesman Journal.




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