Cannabis Club TV, which produces cannabis-related content and is backed by Tommy Chong, recently acquired Vast Display Network for $2.75 million. That means the company just got a lot bigger, and it looks like they’re going to be doing big things.

“Combining Cannabis Club TV with Vast Display Network is all about giving customers more choices for great video entertainment integrated with mobile and quality service,” said Danny Keith, Cannabis Club TV chairman and CEO. “We’ll continue to meet consumers’ future entertainment preferences, whether they want traditional TV service with premier programming, their favorite content on a mobile device, or video streamed over the Internet to any screen.”

Cannabis Club TV is often described as the burgeoning “Netflix of cannabis,” and it features cannabis-related news, entertainment and business content. As the cannabis industry grows, so will the network.

“We’re now a fundamentally different company with a diversified set of capabilities and businesses that set us apart from the competition”, Keith said. “Cannabis Club TV realizes that the Pacific Northwest is a vital component to the cannabis story and our acquisition of Vast Networks is the pivot we were looking for, good people and sound relationships are paramount in this space.”

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