If you just want a nice buzz or something, it’s not hard to find a decent vape oil that can help you accomplish that. However, like craft beer drinkers, some of us want a “higher” level experience. There are a lot of fine vape cartridges to choose from, but one I’d like to talk about today is the O.penVAPE Craft RESERVE .

The Craft Reserve, as I’ll call it from here on out, is made from small batches of hand-picked cannabis. The distillate oil is made using CO2 extraction, and each cartridge is filled with terpenes from only one strain. It tastes delicious, and it ensures that you’re not getting a mix of things you didn’t ask for.

There are sativa, indica and hybrid varieties to choose from, and all of them are high quality, in my opinion. The Craft Reserve produces a very clean vaping experience, as it only uses pure cannabis distillate oils, unlike some that also use an excipient. It’s kind of like getting a nice Stone beer instead of a cheap light beer that might be half high fructose corn syrup. You can definitely tell it’s straight cannabis oil when you’re pulling on it, because it just feels like a slightly heftier pull, but it’s still very smooth.

“Pure cannabis oil requires investment in superior technology, equipment and professional hands-on attention throughout the molecular distillation process,” Ralph Morgan, O.penVAPE CEO, said about the Craft Reserve in a press release last year. “With Craft RESERVE, our highly educated and accomplished scientists perfected the art of extracting the best parts out of every terpene to satisfy the demand of a rapidly maturing and selective market.”

Not only is the oil high quality, but the vape is extremely attractive. That’s pretty much always the case with O.penVAPE products, but there’s something I like about this one even more than the others I’ve tried. Perhaps it’s the color of the oil.

The Craft Reserve won the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup for best vape pen cartridge, so it’s no secret that it’s good, but we’re still very impressed. It’s an easy-to use-vape, and we’re into it. It might be hard to go back to other vapes after this one.

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