Will Indiana become the next state to legalize medical marijuana? It’s possible, because Republican Rep. Jim Lucas is planning to introduce a bill in the state that would do just that, according to The Indianapolis Star.

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“I can’t comprehend how we can deny people something that provides them with relief that’s not addictive and is not killing anyone when we know for a fact that prescription opioids are killing people,” Lucas said Thursday.

Lucas has been doing his research, including by reaching out to people on social media, talking to veterans and doctors and more. Thus far, he believes it would be beneficial to legalize medical marijuana.

“I understand this is going to be a minefield,” Lucas said. “My plan is to make this such an issue with the media and the people that the state will be forced to give it a proper hearing.”

He faces some strong opposition, including from Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, who is vocally against marijuana legalization in general.

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