Electronic cigarettes are everywhere, including the mainstream media. They are marketed as a substitute to smoking and the miracle that can stop your smoking habit forever. However, things are not always as simple as they look. There is a lot more to vaping than meets the eye.

One of the primary benefits of electronic cigarettes is being able to choose your nicotine level and personalise your vaping experience. Nicotine strength in e-cigs is measured by the milligram of nicotine that is contained within one millilitre of the solution. An e-smoker can calculate what nicotine strength of electronic cigarette liquid will bring them satisfaction based on their former smoking habits.

E-juices come in an assortment of strengths varying from zero nicotine or 0 mg for e-smokers who just want to experience vaping up to the legal limit of 20 mg for users who smoke around two packs a day.


20 milligram or 2.0% strength nicotine e-liquid is typically the highest strength e-liquid available to buy in the United Kingdom. It is best for people who are just switching from commercially rolled cigarettes to e-cigs and who previously smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day. Vaping is also for people who have tried low strength vape juice and found that it did not quite give them the fulfilment they needed to quit tobacco altogether.


When using high strength e-liquid such as 20mg it is admissible to use a medium power device having a mouth to lung inhale. This means drawing the vapour into your mouth before breathing into your lungs, just like you would with a conventional cigarette. Moreover, using a powerful device with considerable air flow and direct lung inhale will prove to be harsh and not that much enjoyable with high strength vape juice, making the throat hit intense.


A wide assortment of e liquid flavours can be found at popular online stores, for example the UK company VapersWAREHOUSE solely specialise in e liquid for all budgets and have flavours ranging from tobacco and bakery to menthol and desserts, and strengths from 3 mg to 18 mg.


Here is a rough guide of the types of nicotine e-liquid users can opt for:

0 mg – The zero nicotine e-liquid is completely nicotine free. These basic e-liquids are for individuals who have never smoked, but who want to take up vaping for the thrill of it and the social element related to it. Moreover, low strength vape juices are used by people who have triumphantly weaned themselves off nicotine, but still want to enjoy vaping.

6 mg – Typically, 6 mg nicotine level is used by individuals looking to enjoy the lowest level of nicotine or people looking to switch to the last stage of traditional smoking before quitting nicotine entirely.

12 mg – Although 12 mg is considered a low to medium amount of nicotine, it is still fulfilling for people who previously smoked occasionally or for individuals who prefer nicotine vape juices, but do not vape all the time.

Understanding the difference of high and low strength nicotine is important, but if you are looking to get the right strength of nicotine, it is essential to look beyond the amount of nicotine. Your smoking habits do play a big part in choosing the right e-liquid nicotine strength to match your taste.

For instance, someone who used to smoke perhaps a few cigarettes a day could vape 6 mg nicotine e-liquid or even 0 mg e-liquid if they did not consider themselves to be addicted to nicotine. Moreover, a person who previously was a chain smoker or who smoked about two packs a day would need at least 20 mg or more nicotine juice to satisfy their cravings. The majority of smokers typically smoke between 15 and 20 cigarettes a day, which is why the mid-range 18 mg nicotine strength e-liquid is so widely popularly.

Alternatively, if you are a heavy smoker a lower strength e-liquid is a feasible option as it would mean you can take a healthy dose of e-liquid throughout the day without attracting any health concerns.

It is proven that many people fall into chain vaping when they first start because of the newness of vaping. It also means that a majority of people can fall victim to nicotine overdose as they get the nicotine level right for what they used to smoke, but then vape a lot more resulting in consuming more nicotine than their body is used to.

Therefore, it is essential to strike a fine balance between your strengths, particularly if your preferred mode is a high strength e-liquid. Always remember to buy TPD compliant products.