Remember how Nevada started running out of marijuana shortly after recreational sales started? Well, California is worried the same thing might happen there when sales start in 2018, so the state is doing its best to prevent that.

According to the Los Angeles Times, there are plans to provide temporary four-month licenses to growers to avoid a lack of supply. State officials are doing everything they can to avoid Nevada’s mistake.

“Legal sales began July 1 in Nevada, but it immediately became clear there was not enough supply to meet demand, in part because unique rules provide alcohol wholesalers exclusive distributor rights,” the Los Angeles Times states. “California does not have the same limits on who can distribute cannabis.”

Marijuana is expected to be a $5 billion dollar industry in California, so it’s important that the state gets things right. And that’s only in the beginning. The industry will obviously grow throughout the years and become even more valuable.

[Photo by Dank Depot/Flickr]

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