It’s no secret that stoners are big fans of the movie The Big Lebowski, and an annual bowling tournament is celebrating that fact. The Big Lebongski is a bowling tournament that’s hitting multiple states where recreational marijuana is legal, including California, Colorado and Oregon, as well as some states where medical marijuana is legal, like Michigan and Arizona.

Two of the tournament matches have already happened, in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but there are more to come. The next match is hitting AMF Rocklin Lanes in Sacramento on June 25, and there are four teams going at it.

It costs $420 to enter the tournament, for some strange reason, and the last match will take place in Burbank on 04/20/2018. The final winner of the tournament gets a bong shaped like a bowling pin, their entry fee back and much more.

“The general public – and potheads everywhere — are welcome to join in on the shenanigans as well as come and take pictures with The Big Lebongski trophy anytime we’re at the lanes,” says TBL Commissioner Gary “Spacey” Lane.  “It may not be the Stanley Cup but for us rolling stoners, it’s the cat’s meow…or the bomb…or whatever the kids nowadays call something that’s pretty cool.”

Check it out if you’re a fan of the film or just want to have a good time.