By Wildflower

Spring is here and with all the rain we have had in California this year, the hills are green full of life. Get out into nature and enjoy the view with something special that will have your senses enhanced. The strain that we found at Herbal Nature in downtown Los Angeles is the perfect companion for the journey and experience. Sublime OG has all the qualities that one enjoys out of a sativa dominant strain, inspiration, creativity, and enlightenment. Sublime also has a characteristic of an indica, as it will make you hungry and could lead to the munchies.

By sight, these large cluster shaped buds are packed and have a beautiful glow of trichomes that glitters in just about any light. The color spectrum is also vibrant with hues of light green and touches of purple within the flowers with a plentiful amount of light rust color hairs engulfing the tops and sides of each segment. The aroma has a very light pungent cheese followed by a sweetness that reminds our reviewers of fresh baked cookies. This is a really enjoyable strain that is good for any occasion. Sublime OG really wears its name well for how it makes you feel; simply sublime and carefree.

This is the perfect strain for getting back to what made you fall in love with cannabis in the first place. For creative and fast paced people, this strain helps you focus and at the same time slows you down ever so slightly enough to remind you to enjoy the day and the people around you. In social environments, this strain is exceptional for sparking conversation and engagement without the awkward or paranoid thoughts that can come from sativa for some people. When choosing a strain whether someone calls it an indica or sativa, what you should be looking for is what is pleasing to your senses and the terpene profile that every strain contains. OG strains are complicated to a degree with the misconception that an OG is indica dominant. If you are a loyal reader of our reviews and read about various OG’s that we have featured over the years, you know this to be true and perhaps experienced this yourself in your cannabis journey. Not all OG’s are alike, as the effects that each give can vary greatly and do not necessarily lead to couch lock or sleep. Sublime OG certainly has an uplifting and motivating quality that will inspire your next move.

To discover Sublime OG yourself, go to Herbal Nature located at 837 S. Los Angeles St., downtown LA, they have convenient parking through an alley in back with a really great mural to guide you in. Make sure you mention the review you’re reading when you visit, you never know what wonderful things you will find.