Science and technology have come a long way over the last few years when it comes to cannabis and how we consume it. Hmbldt has developed a better vape method and more efficient way of dosing cannabis.  They are targeting the effects based on levels of THC, CBD, accessory cannabinoids, and just the right terpenes for specific conditions or desired effect. Hmbldt brand (short for Humboldt) has four standard formulas that are designed for different patients in mind; sleep, relief, bliss, and calm. Each recyclable vape pen is designed to give 200 doses. The pens are designed to express each dose for roughly 3 seconds and will vibrate and shut off when it’s time to stop inhaling, amazing! The latest addition to the line is a limited release of dose pens called Arouse & Passion.

Arouse is designed to get you in the mood to unwind and relax with plenty of THC for euphoria, CBD for calming, other cannabinoids for good measure and finally with five terpenes that complete the entourage effect that gets you in the mood. These terpenes work in conjunction and have many benefits including; elevated mood, stress relief, helps digestion, antifungal and antibacterial, and many more potential benefits. It has a very woodsy and spicy flavor on inhale and an earthier flavor on the exhale. See website for more details.

Passion is comprised of an equal level of THC and CBD as the arouse formula, however the passion has a different combination of terpenes that sets the two apart. Passion has Myrcene as one of the primary terpenes, which explains the sweeter, fruity flavor and good feeling that it creates.  B-Caryophyllene another of the five key terpenes in this formula and it has many health benefits and has a spicy flavor. Each formula and each dose pen is perfectly blended together for a revolutionary new experience.

These formulas are impressive and effective, the precise dose with each inhalation is perfect for inexperienced and experienced patients. There is nothing on the market today that compares to Hmbldt’s revolutionary design and formulas. This is no ordinary vape pen by any means, this is the future of precision cannabis consumption. Hmbldt brand has taken all aspects of cannabis to the next level with their line of cannabis oil vaporizers with their superior technology and formulations. This brand has developed a product that will appeal to all types of patients, our team is thrilled with the precise dosage and various formulations that will serve patients better for their desired result. We’ll be exploring this brand and the science behind Hmbldt products in the next issues, so stay tuned for more.

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