Get ready for deliciousness and decadence with Défoncé Chocolate.  Défoncé Chocolatiers have taken on the challenge of developing a gourmet and consistent chocolate bar that patients can rely on. Consistent and accurate dosing is crucial to cannabis infused edibles, it’s the difference of “oh yeah!” to “I’m bugging out!” Défoncé is certainly elevating the industry and patients with a higher standard for quality and consistency. We had an opportunity to put their dark chocolate and matcha bars to the test and our review team is convinced that there is nothing on the market quite like Défoncé. The whole operation that Défoncé has developed from beginning to end is really impressive, no short cuts. Their standards are extremely high just like the name (Défoncé is French for high.)

The attention to detail starts with the farm where the cannabis is grown. Hummingbird Medicinals is the main source for Défoncé providing completely organic, sun grown, and meticulously cared for cannabis from beginning to end. The Co2 distillate that is produced from the harvest is also special and quality centered, which then gets blended into the chocolate. The source of their chocolate is from some of the finest cocoa producers in the bay area, who sources their cocoa beans with fair trade practices. Everything is lab tested twice, once with the harvested cannabis from the farm, and tested again after production of the final product. Each bar no matter the flavor has 180mg of THC with 18 total pieces to easily dose out 10mg with every shape. Speaking of shape, how about those shiny triangles? The science and planning that went into the actual design of each Défoncé bar has great presentation, but they were designed this way for consistency and easy dosing. The packaging and design is something you would see in a high-end market.

Each time our team dosed according to their desired amounts, the result was the same beautiful experience. That consistency is what we all crave, because again no one wants to “bug out” or feel over-medicated. Let’s agree that no one wants to hear stories of folks going to the ER because they over baked themselves with edibles, stay calm and have a snack in this case, better yet, have something with CBD and generally the CBD can help balance out your experience.

The Dark+ Défoncé bar is extremely bold with an 81% cacao, it has that richness of coffee and slightly bitter but delightful. The dark+ bar also has the highest ratio of cacao and is has less in sugar of all the varieties that Défoncé offers. This is a great option for vegans as well as the dark+ Défoncé bar is vegan.

The Matcha bar is unique and is perfect for the white chocolate lover. Pure white chocolate infused with green tea matcha. The two flavors really complement each other and is not like any white chocolate we’ve had before. As far as cannabis flavor in these two bars, it is detectable, but certainly not overwhelming at all. There is no undesirable “weedy” flavor, just chocolate bliss. Allow the triangle to melt slowly in your mouth and you’ll see why we are in love with Défoncé chocolates.

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