If you’ve made the choice to grow your own cannabis, there are a few things you’re going to need to consider when looking for seeds. Seeing as you’re going to be observing the plant from start to finish (and thus investing ample time and money into it), you need to ensure everything is done correctly.

This starts with choosing the right seeds.

There are several types of seeds available, so how do you know where to begin?  Below are just a few considerations to make to ensure you are purchasing the right cannabis seed.


It is important to remember that only the female flowers will produce the cannabis bud that is the ultimate end goal. So, it makes sense that you would only want female plants, and to do that, only purchase female seeds, right? Well, sort of.

There are certainly some advantages to purchasing feminised seeds, but ultimately it comes down to what you are looking to get out of your plants. Buying feminised seeds means that the seeds were produced with no male chromosomes. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a successful harvest or if you want to continue growing plants from clones.

However, feminised seeds also can have their downsides. For one, feminised seeds have a tendency to produce hermaphrodite plants, which really have no beneficial use to anyone. Furthermore, if you plan to continue to grow cannabis plants and do not want to have cloned plants, traditional male and female seeds will add to your plant diversity, making for healthier and more diverse plants.

Feminised Conditions

To further point out the importance of choosing the right seed, selecting feminised seeds requires different care and maintenance than traditional seeds. Knowing which seed you purchased and understanding the process that the seed requires to produce a healthy plant is essential. Feminised seeds and traditional seeds will require different amounts of lighting times and transplanting conditions as well as different cues for flowering and harvesting. Neither feminised or traditional is right or wrong, but it is important to understand the requirements before starting out.


One of the most important parts of choosing the right seed is knowing which strain you would like. Choosing the “right” seed can be largely about your personal preference. If it is a strain of cannabis that you like, then it very well may be the right seed for you. One of the most popular UK cannabis seeds is the THC bomb, so starting out with a popular option may be best if you’re unsure. Alternatively, you can always purchase multiple packets of different strains and wait until the end results.


The type of seed you purchase can also greatly depend on the conditions in which you hope to grow your cannabis plant. If you want to grow your plant outdoors, consider your area’s climate. Different seeds do better in different temperatures and weather conditions.

Further, the type of soil available that the plant will be growing in can play a huge role in the type of seed that is purchased. If you plan to grow your cannabis plant indoors, there are several strains of that are intended purely for indoor growth. Typically, these plants are shorter and thicker in appearance.


Much of choosing the right seed for a successful plant is based off of appearance. Knowing if you have the right seed can make all the difference with a successful plant. The right cannabis seed for a healthy plant will be:

  • A dark brown colour
  • A tear-drop shape
  • Stripes in a darker brown, black, or tan colour
  • Try to avoid seeds that are green or light in colour
  • The seed should also be hard, the outside of the seed should have a hard shell to it
  • Avoid any seeds that might be soft

Lastly, knowing the appearance of the seed can help to determine the overall best use for it. Seeds that are intended for indoor use tend to be large in size while seeds that are meant for outdoor use are typically smaller.

Knowing which seed you have can make all the difference in being able to successfully grow your cannabis plant.


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