The second annual 420 Games on April 1st will start with a 4.20 mile race, just like last year, from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice and back.

Afterward, people will be able to enjoy events and industry booths at the 420 Games Village. There will be everything from yoga to speeches by industry leaders to beer tasting. One of the more fun pieces of entertainment that will be featured is the XGames BMX/Skate Demo Show, which will probably be really fun to watch when you’re stoned.

The 420 Times is one of the sponsors for this event, along with companies and organizations like LA Weekly, Merry Jane, OC NORML, VapeXhale and WeedMaps. We at 420 Times believe that the growing marijuana industry needs to be celebrated and defended, and what better way to do that than by coming together for a fun but also thought-provoking event. You can enjoy some beers and some yoga but also hear from speakers who are leading the industry and/or leading the culture.

Full event tickets start at $30.00.

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