When looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, it can be easy to find yourself buying into generic commercialism and cliche by going for chocolates, jewelry or just a card you didn’t write. A bouquet of flowers is also quite cliche, but what if you gave your special person a bouquet of lovely marijuana buds?

A Los Angeles company called Lowell Farms is going to sell 500 weed bouquets to Los Angeles residents on February 14, assuming they have medical marijuana cards. California legalized cannabis in November, but it’s not yet legal to sell it recreationally.

Lowell Farms has been growing marijuana since 1909, according to Time Out. They use organic fertilizer and don’t use pesticides. Time Out reports that the farm also pays its workers a living wage. Not only are you getting a fun gift, it’s good marijuana and good business. Unfortunately for those of us who are living on a tight budget, the beautiful cannabis bouquet will cost $400. If you can’t afford that, maybe buy your loved one some marijuana chocolates to put a twist on tradition.

[Photo via Lowell Farms]

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