Today we’re doing another installment of the marijuana news roundup, where I will be providing insight and hilarious commentary on today’s marijuana news. Here we go…

California medical marijuana shops are already selling recreational weed

california marijuana

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It appears some medical marijuana shops are eager to sell marijuana products to people who don’t have their medical cards, because Merry Jane reports that some shops are selling product to anyone who can prove they’re over 21.

“I think that they’ve gotten more emboldened,” James Wolak, captain of the Narcotics Bureau for the LA County Sheriff’s Department, told Merry Jane. “People feel like now that it’s legal, anything goes. And that’s just not the case.”

The article also states that some shops are selling marijuana to people who simply sign a form that says they’re a medical marijuana patient, despite not having any proof with them. California continues to be rebellious.

Texas narcotics agent says medical marijuana isn’t a real thing


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Texas Department of Public Safety narcotics agent Corky Schalchlin told the Dallas-Fort Worth bureau of NBC News on Sunday that there isn’t real evidence that marijuana can be used medically, and he is worried about the idea of legalizing or decriminalizing it.

Texas’ legislature is considering decriminalizing marijuana, and he used classic War on Drugs doublespeak to talk against the idea.

“Are you going to have a doctor show up to surgery who has been smoking or a nurse? A fireman?” Schalchlin asked. “If you legalize it, are you going to have police officers out there carrying a gun that have been smoking? It’s scary. I think it’s a slippery slope.”

Aside from how moronic that statement is, it’s important to point out it holds no place in reality.

“No. The quick answer to Agenty Schalchlin’s questions is simply ‘no,’” Johnny Green at Weed News wrote in response. “Nowhere in any bill in the history of the Texas Legislature has an elected official proposed that doctors, fireman, and/or police officers should be allowed to perform their job duties while impaired by marijuana. To suggest so is fear mongering on an epic level.”

Furthermore, there is a mountain of evidence showing marijuana has medical benefits. That’s why tons of pharmaceutical companies are researching it.

New Mexico might double the number of plants medical marijuana producers can grow

new mexico marijuana

Credit: Wolfgang Staudt/Wikimedia

New Mexico politicians are considering passing a bill that would more than double how many plants a medical marijuana producer can grow, and it would allow medical marijuana patients to possess more of their medicine, according to the Sante Fe New Mexican.

Producers would be able to grow up to 1,000 plants, instead of the current limit of 450 plants. Patients would be able to possess “up to 5 ounces of marijuana during a 30-day period. Currently, patients are allowed to possess 8 ounces during a 90-day period.”

Marijuana smokers at Trump’s inauguration are probably safe

trump marijuana

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Since news came that marijuana advocates will pass out 4,200 free joints in Washington, D.C. for Trump’s inauguration, D.C. leaders decided they don’t really care.

At a news conference on Friday, Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser said arresting people for smoking weed “wouldn’t be our first priority,” according to The Cannabist.

Marijuana is legal in Washington, D.C., but smoking it in public is not. However, they’ll probably have more important things to worry about on such a big day than people getting a little high. Furthermore, we all really need to get high on inauguration day.

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