Dry herb vaping is consumption of herbs using vaporizers. The vaporizers allow the vaper to enjoy their herbs without the traditional combustion method.

People started vaping in the late 1990s, and the habit has since become very popular. In the early days of vaping, vapers used heavy equipment plugged to the main power supply. Today, technology has made life easier for vaping enthusiasts as they can buy portable devices.

The followings are some helpful tips for dry herb vapers:

Avoid the wrong herbs

Fresh herbs are the best to use as they contain the right moisture content. Fresh herbs, in this case, do not mean they should be wet. Herbs with the right moisture content are perfect for vapor production.

The right herbs for vaping should neither be too wet or overly dry. You can test if the herbs are too dry by crushing some between your fingers. If you can grind them into powder, then they are not fit for vaping.

Vaporizing is not Combustion

When buying your vaporizing kit, you need to be sure it is the right one. Some of those available in the market burn your herbs instead of vaporizing. A suitable vaporizer should not have the heater coming into contact with the herbs, if it does, then you need to use a screen in the heating chamber.

Select the Right temperature

For your herbs to produce vapor, they need to be exposed to some degree of heat. If the heat is lower than the set minimum, it will not produce any vapor for you to inhale. If it exceeds the upper limit, then the herbs will ignite and burn.

The temperature limits vary from one model to another, but you need to take note of the heating range.

Buy a Grinder

Before loading your herb into the vaporizer, ensure they are well ground. Some tools in your kitchen can be used for grinding the herbs, but they do not give you the best results. Using a grinder ensures heat is transferred efficiently throughout the herbs. The herbs should be ground as finely as possible.

Pack it Right

When loading the vaporizer, you need to pack enough herbs in the chamber so that you get more vapor. However, you should not over pack it as this will interfere with the flow of the vapor to your mouth. You should also note that the vaporizers are delicate and you might break them if you pack the herbs too tightly.

Inhale Leisurely

Inhaling slowly and lightly has two benefits. One is that if you inhale hard, you might suck the herbs into the mouthpiece which blocks the flow of vapor. Note that some vaporizers have their heating chambers close to the mouthpiece.

The other reason for this is that inhaling hard and too frequently sucks cold air into the chamber thus cooling it. When this happens, it affects the temperature in the chamber which in turn reduces the amount of vapor produced.

Get the Right Vaporizer

When shopping for a vaporizer, ensure you get a suitable one. Some of them do not heat well, and their vapor production is poor. With proper research, you can find a suitable portable vaporizer to match your lifestyle.

Maintain your Vaporizer

For the best performance of your vaporizer, you need to clean and maintain it following the instructions of the manufacturer. Use the cleaning method and products recommended by the manufacturer for the best results. Replace the parts at the right time and ensure you use the parts recommended by the manufacturer.  A well-maintained vaporizer performs well and lasts longer.

How will you use it?

Vaporizers are available in two different types. The two options are the portable and desktop varieties. A portable vaporizer is small and easy to carry suitable for people who move from place to another. Desktop varieties are larger and are used in a home or office. They need to be connected to electricity supply for them to function properly.

Use Screens for Vape Pens

Some of the vape pens available in the market have their heating coils exposed to the herbs. You need to use a mesh filter or glass screen to keep the herbs away from the coils. Glass screens are the best as they do not interfere with the flavor of the herbs.

Dry vaping is fun; however, it can easily become challenging and frustrating. Utilizing the tips mentioned above will go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy dry herb vaping with no or minimum difficulties.

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