We recently discovered Pura Vida Health’s products and were slightly dumbfounded that we didn’t find them sooner, but we’re sure glad we did! Pura Vida offers the perfect balance of taste and health to medicate with cannabis. Their incredibly tasty infused granolas and protein bars that will please every palate. Pura Vida started out as a way for a friend to help a friend that was suffering from cancer, which then later turned into an opportunity to share with other patients the perfect combination of great ingredients and cannabis together in a low sugar, healthy approach. Although Pura Vida’s granolas and protein bars are healthy and low sugar, they certainly don’t taste like there is anything missing.

Our team tried the “chocolate jubilee gramola” and their “Higher Power Protein bar”, coconut vanilla flavor. The Pura Vida protein bar is a great size and easy to dose with pre-scored lines to help measure the dose accordingly. Each bar is 100mg of THC, broken down into 25mg sections. The flavor and texture is perfectly soft and chewy and the coconut ads just the right amount of balance to the bar. The bars are gluten-free, organic, vegan, and all ingredients are non-GMO. Also the bars are low in sugar, but have a great sweet flavor that is easy to digest. In fact, one of the reasons that Pura Vida chose to use the ingredients in all their products had to do with all being easily digestible and great for patients looking for a healthier alternative to sugary edibles which are not ideal for cancer patients that are fighting and healing especially.

The “Gramola” that Pura Vida offers is an outstanding source of nutrition and perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweet without being too overbearing. Once again, the gramola also is gluten-free, organic, vegan, and non-GMO. The chocolate jubilee gramola we tried is a great value at 250mg per package with roughly 25mg per tablespoon, so it’s easy to dose and add to your favorite foods, yogurts or whatever you choose, it’s delicious and potent throughout every time. Our team really appreciated how consistent the dosing was during our testing and gave the same results every time. We have become huge fans and are now on the Pura Vida lifestyle for breakfast on the weekends, or as a late night snack that will help you sleep hard throughout the night, our team has been getting the best sleep since they started eating Pura Vida. Make sure to try some yourself by finding Pura Vida at your favorite collective or find a collective near you by visiting their website: www.puravidahealth.org

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