We are in love with a doctor, Dr. Raw Organics that is! The Dr. has a variety of quality cannabis infused edibles designed for every type of patient. Many of us are looking for infused cannabis products that provide great taste, potency, options for diet restrictions, and are consistent. All of the above qualities can be found with Dr. Raw Organics. The lineup of Dr. Raw Organics includes baked goods, tinctures, hard candies, and oils. Our reviewers put every option to the test and were beyond pleased with the results.

This month we’ll focus on Dr. Raw’s baked goods and continue to feature their extensive line in coming issues, as there is just too much good stuff to mention here alone. The baked goods have surpassed our expectations for great taste, amazing ingredients, and potency every time. Our team tried all of the following and have now become serious fans. Dr. Raw uses as many organic ingredients in their edibles as possible and it shows. All of the Dr. Raw Organics baked goods have 100mg of THC and 5mg of CBD for added balance for the perfect experience in each package. The peanut budder blossoms are out of this world! Each blossom has organic creamy peanut butter and organic fair trade chocolate centers with two to a package. The chocolate chunk cookies are cooked to perfection, soft and chewy and not like anything you may have had before. Chocolate Nirvana is a full chocolate cookie with chocolate chunks, which is perfect for chocolate lovers. The red velvet brownie is truly a culinary masterpiece and the perfect marriage of a rich chocolate-chunk brownie and red velvet cookie layered together and topped with a cluster of cashew crumbles and white chocolate chips. Finally, the perfect option for those looking for a vegan and gluten free option do not have to sacrifice taste and goodness with Dr. Raw Organics’ Raw Bites. These babies are the best tasting vegan treats we may have ever had! Raw bites consist of organic gluten-free steel-cut oats, infused coconut oil, ground peanuts, cocoa powder, flax-seed, cinnamon, and a touch of agave nectar all wrapped up in a beautiful ball of goodness.

Dr. Raw Organics have set the bar to a new level. Our review team gives an A+ for outstanding quality, packaging, variety, lab tested results, and overall consistency with each and every bite! Make sure to look for Dr. Raw Organics line of edibles at your favorite collective and give them a try, we are positive you won’t be disappointed. Visit www.DrRawOrganics.com for detailed information as well as lab results for each of their products!