Looking for your favorite cannabis products? There’s an app for that.

Denver-based KindTech Innovations unveils its ground-breaking Dispensary Connect app for cannabis dispensaries

In the very near future, your local cannabis dispensary could have an online app that allows you to go through the store’s current inventory, window shop to your heart’s desire and then place your order – all in real time — so that your flower, concentrate, vape pen or accessory is ready and waiting for your purchase once you walk through the dispensary doors.

The app, called Dispensary Connect, was unveiled recently by Denver-based KindTech Innovations; and provides cannabis customers with up-to-date information on the products they’re looking for at their favorite dispensary.

KindTech CEO Chris Sorel says that, just like other consumers, the legal cannabis industry’s customer base lives in a highly-connected and interactive world.

“They want to engage with their favorite cannabis dispensaries in the same way that they interact with other stores and services: through the web and mobile devices,” he says. “They want to hop on to their phone or laptops to find out in real-time if dispensaries have their favorite products in stock, and to reserve those products — so that they know it will still be available for them when they get to the store.”

Dispensary Connect also helps the dispensaries stay cost-efficient by streamlining their operations; by letting those companies keep track of real-time inventory data through a variety of interfaces.

And given how quickly the cannabis industry is expanding, Sorel expects that Dispensary Connect will become an important tool in helping the legal cannabis industry grow and evolve.

“We are making a movement out of whole cloth,” Sorel notes. “An essential part of this movement is bringing in new consumers, especially as the industry goes mainstream and cannabis is accepted by more people as a medical and recreational product. So this is an opportunity to introduce a game-changing technology to the legal cannabis industry, to help with its progress in the years ahead.”

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