It may not be ski season yet, but get ready to take an advanced course in cannabis with Black Diamond OG. This OG will have you twisting and sloping down into your couch for a good channel surf session. This unique OG has a trick up its sleeve, it is crossed with a rare and exotic strain called Black Domina crossed with the infamous SFV OG (San Fernando Valley.) Black Diamond OG is available at Divine Wellness.

This indica dominant hybrid was built to knock you off your feet, or at least slow you down to stop and smell the flowers. These buds are super saturated with trichomes and super sticky. Each OG structured bud has a dark green hue with sprinkles of purple throughout followed by bright rust orange hairs that highlight the overall look. Black Diamond OG will have you coming back for more with its distinctive flavor and aroma, as soon as the jar opens, you can smell it within 15 feet!

The Black Domina side has genetics that carry some of the finest strains known such as Afghani, Northern Lights, and Hash Plant. The SVF OG is fabled to be a phenotype of the original OG Kush, crossed with another Afghani landrace strain. Both sides combining together to form Black Diamond OG, an advanced strain that will have you at the first bowl.

This flavorful strain has our review team taking to the couch quickly, as it will certainly grab hold and politely ask you to take a seat. Each hit down to the ash has flavor and body that you can expect from an OG, but it definitely has its own unique flavor. The smell: a hint of pine, dark, delicious sweetness followed by a sour finish. Black Diamond OG will certainly increase appetites and relax the body with a super stoney head effect that lasts long, which is certainly a highlight of the experience. Our team rates the Black Diamond OG one of our all-time favorite OG experiences this year.

Make sure to get down to Divine Wellness in Canoga Park soon to discover this incredible strain, it moves quickly!
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Divine Wellness is located at 7246 Eton Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91303.