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If you think there’s a lot of debate about what poll numbers say about California marijuana legalization, get used to it.

We’re nearing the home stretch to election day, and foes are starting to battle seriously over Prop. 64, the Golden State initiative that would legalize pot for those 21-and-up.

The latest attack comes from SAM Action, part of the anti-cannabis group Smart Approaches to Marijuana. They say that a new poll from Survey USA shows that Prop. 64 is “in trouble.” The poll indeed shows lower levels of support for the measure that you’ve seen in other surveys — 52% in favor, 40% opposed.

When you break down the numbers, however, the reliability of this poll is not as strong as others. Only 678 likely voters were polled, where most statisticians would like to see 1,200 or so likely or registered voters targeted to come up with accurate estimates. Overall 900 California adults, including those likely voters, were asked about marijuana and other questions.

The poll was conducted for ABC 7 in Los Angeles. The anti-pot people were pleased.

“This poll highlights that the continued scrutiny facing Prop 64 does nothing but raise doubts and concerns about another flawed initiative,” said Andrew Acosta, NO on Prop 64 campaign spokesperson. “It is not surprising that a measure that would end a 45-year ban on smoking ads on television, expose children to ads promoting marijuana gummy candy and brownies, while neglecting to address the key issue of impaired driving would be dropping so fast.”

The only poll that counts is at the polls Nov. 8.

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