We can all agree that we’ve been waiting our entire adult lives for Tommy Chong to become our very own Cannabis sommelier, after all Tommy knows good cannabis. Tommy is very involved in his namesake product line and it shows! Each product featured in the Chong’s Choice line is top shelf and extraordinarily potent. The quality is superior of anything we’ve witnessed in a pre-packaged product or that of any namesake product for that matter.
We gave our review team all three strain varieties to test and examine. Each 1/8th of an ounce jar of Chong’s Choice is well packaged, sealed for freshness and potency is lab tested and all organic. In fact, we weighed each jar and they were slightly over 3.5grams of delicious. The smell, taste and quality of each strain surpasses often what you would find ordinarily in a dispensary, so outside what you might think is just hype- it’s not! Our review team has reviewed dozens of different strains and grows over the years and we can confidently say that Chong’s Choice is superior for consistency, taste, and spot on genetics. Each and every time we smoked or vaped these varieties, we got effective results and relief. In fact, several of our reviewers wondered if they had ever had an OG Kush like this before.

Yes, you can find OG Kush or Jack Herer strains in the marketplace today, however what makes Chong’s Choice so unique is the quality and care that has gone into each jar or pre-roll for that matter. Each bud is trimmed to perfection and beautifully preserved inside the jar, the intense essence of the terpenes are also well preserved. Our batch was lab tested in May; it’s now July and yet the buds inside have the perfect density, smell, and humidity for the perfect smoke or vape-ability. Not all namesake cannabis brands can live up to the name they represent, Chong’s Choice is certainly worthy of its namesake and should be considered the ultimate canna connoisseur experience.

The hybrid OG Kush- Quickly takes hold, so be ready! It is a well-balanced body and mind strain. This is not your average OG Kush by any means. It is definitely one of the finest and most potent OG Kush varieties that we have ever encountered. The buds are super dense; the bud shown here that is cone shaped weighs 2.7grams alone! The pine and earthy aroma fills the room when you open the jar. This hybrid will be in your top 5 favorites of all time Our reviewers were shocked and amazed with the effects and how long they lasted. If we had to choose only one strain from the line, the OG Kush will have you at first toke.

The sativa- My friend Jack- takes you on a trip straight to the head for ultimate creativity and happiness. It can spark energy, focus, and a driven attitude when you need to get things done. This is a bonafide true Jack Herer without a doubt, one of the finest specimens we’ve seen in quite some time. The smell and flavor are spot on and delectable. It has a pleasant, yet pungent sour bite followed by a pine finish. The clear headed, yet lifted experience inspired and energized our team.

The indica –Chong Daddy Purple- is the best example of a grand daddy purple that we’ve come across in all our travels. Many can grow GDP, but not every variety or harvest can be compared to the true genetics of a GDP. Chong Daddy Purple is absolutely gorgeous and is almost too pretty to grind and smoke, but once you smell it- you’ll want to! The frosty dark purple body with bright orange hairs with just a sprinkle of dark green really sets it off. The essence of a grape vineyard mixed with dark berries will grab you by the boo-boo and whisper to you “hey man, let’s chill and relax.” Certainly a great strain for later in the day or for patients that need an appetite boost anytime, Chong Daddy Purple will certainly give you the munchies. CDP is great for sleep, deep relaxation, meditation, or for some movie and chill time.

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