vapeditemsWe’ve been reviewing and using Vaped products for years and it’s not surprising when Vaped comes up with a new and innovative product that improves on their line of highly effective vapes. Their latest products will delight and make you a fan as well.

Upon opening the box, you discover the presentation is really well done and is ready for gifting to a friend or yourself. The vape pen itself is in the top compartment (it really looks and feels like a luxury writing pen.) There is a drawer in the bottom half of the box that has all the accessories and tools that make this a complete set. Inside there is an extra quartz tank and a thick glass globe attachment for less discreet use. Also the kit comes with a silicone container, dab tool, charging cord and plug. There is also a specific warranty card with its own number associated with this unit and a small instruction page that explains each part of the pen.

The coils are unlike anything we’ve seen before; there are double quartz coils inside a quartz bucket with grade 2 titanium as the heating element. The micro Vaped V4 also has 6 heat settings with an accurate heating time of 30-45 seconds depending on preference. Another great feature is that you can vape while charging, so if you’ve been out all day using your V4, you can continue to enjoy this luxury vaporizer at any time while plugged in. The airflow control is also a huge advantage and allows the user to adjust the flow as preferred, this helps keep your hits cool and easy to consume. This pen is designed for oils, wax, or hash. Just like all Vaped products, the warranty is solid and has a one year period. We also like how easy this pen is to charge, simply plug in the charging cord to the end of the pen and it’s good to go. Our review team is convinced this is the only vape you need for concentrates ever again.

We are always impressed with Vaped products versatility, function, and durability. They take great care into making a quality product that lasts for years and years. Since 2011, we’ve been testing and using Vaped products, and they never disappoint. This is a must have for anyone who wants a classy and quality concentrate vape, with all the details built in. The flavor that it produces has no metal flavor and is strictly all flavor all the way through. The revolution has already begun and Vaped is leading the charge.

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