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The vaping revolution is here! JUJU Joints™ are quickly becoming a favorite among patients of all preferences. When JUJU Joints™ began their journey into the cannabis space, they came at it on their own terms. JUJU Joints™ created their vaporizer from the ground up so that their vape would produce the cleanest and most desirable results. The result is the perfect vape that is also fully charged and loaded and ready for use. The oil that JUJU Joints™ puts into their vaporizers is pure cannabis oil, completely free of additives or carriers. JUJU Joints™ offers a variety of options and the strain specific options are also desirable and welcomed. There is a JUJU Joints™ for every type of patient. There is a CBD only JUJU Joints™, a hybrid, THC & CBD JUJU Joints™, and a strain specific THC JUJU Joints™.

Each JUJU Joints™ is easy to use and are ready to go out of the box. Each also have a convenient window near the mouthpiece to show the level of oil that remains. We also really appreciate the test results labeled on the back of each box indicating how much THC, CBD, and CBN and all ingredients are clearly labeled. The THC JUJU Joints™ is strain specific and has all the flavors one would expect with the strain. We tried the OG Kush and the Skywalker flavors and they were spot on for flavor and effects. JUJU Joints™ come in a variety of strain options and sizes of either 250mg or 500mg options. We really enjoyed each option and were really impressed with how they tasted just like the strain they are labeled as. JUJU Joints™ have been thoroughly designed for convenience, discretion, and ease of delivery. Before you reach for your next vape pen purchase, try JUJU Joints™ and discover a whole new world in medicating. To learn more about JUJU Joints™ and to find a collective near you (watch their informative videos too) visit www.jujujoints.com


The folks at StashLogix have the perfect travel companion for all our stash needs. Each size of StashLogix stash bags are designed for the individual’s use and needs in mind. Each bag has numerous features that will delight and organize your stash and all of your accessories. No matter the size you choose, each have a zippered combination lock, so no one gets into your stash except you (don’t forget your combo.) Customizable padded dividers keep everything organized and secure. These geniuses didn’t leave anything out, StashLogix bags have a small port on the side for easy charging of devices while remaining secure inside. We love the stash journal and pen designed to log your favorite strains and products for further exploring in your cannabis journeys. Each bag also comes with one or more jars that are designed to be labeled with the provided pen for easy identification. They left nothing out, there is a carbon odor absorbing pack that has its own pocket inside the bag to cut down on the obvious. StashLogix products are smart security for a number of reasons; keeping your meds locked at home, in your car trunk, away from children, or roommates from getting into your precious stash. This has become our go to bag for both storing cannabis and accessories at home or on the go. Every patient should have one, get yours today by visiting www.stashlogix.com. Use promo code 420TIMES for $4.20 off any purchase over $35.


Edipure has become a favorite medicated edible for a number of reasons; recently we had an opportunity to discover the sweet snack side of Edipure products. If you are not into gummy candy, this could be a great alternative to the wildly popular Edipure candies and gummies. We tried the mixed nut clusters, cookie butter cookies, peanut butter sandwich cookies, and the waffle ‘n caramel cookies. Each variety is delicious and does not have a canna aftertaste. The cookie butter cookies are a light buttery cookie with a cookie butter center sandwiched between with 25mg of cannabis in each. The peanut butter cookies are also awesome with a 25mg dose in each cookie. The waffle and caramel cookies are amazing with a cup of coffee or alone and also are 25mg per piece. Lastly, the mixed nut clusters are small and easy to eat with cashews, almonds, cane sugar, pumpkin seed kernels, rice syrup, sea salt, honey and consistent cannabis extract of 10mg per cluster. Edipure has made it easy to effectively and accurately dose your cannabis edible, but they also have made their edibles delicious and delightful. Ask for them by name at your favorite collective/ dispensary and tell them you read about Edipure in The 420 Times.To learn more or find a location visit: www.edipure.com

daily-ritual-50mg_grandeJambo Superfoods

This company is taking health and cannabis to a new level with their super healthy CBD and THC infused products. Their signature product is supercharged oil made with ghee from grass fed cows, MCT Oil and Cannabidiol (CBD.) The result is a perfect way to daily dose your CBD or THC or both. Our team used the CBD oil daily for overall good health effects as well as adding a daily dose of CBD to enhance the endocannabinoid system for balance. Each patient will use the product differently according to your goals or desire, but essentially this 50mg bottle shown here could provide a months’ worth of 1 teaspoon per day regimen which would be 2mg in each dose. Along with their line of both THC and CBD versions of their supercharged oil, they also have edibles that are sure to delight in both THC and CBD options. The THC version has a small percentage of CBD as well for a well-balanced experience. The CBD that Jambo uses for their oil comes directly from hemp plants, so there is no THC detectible in the CBD version and can be purchased online without a recommendation worldwide. The THC version of all their products including the oil and their fabulous cookie truffles are available at participating collectives/ dispensaries throughout CA. Keep reading The 420 Times for more reviews on all of the Jambo products. For more information and locations on where you can discover Jambo Superfoods for yourself, visit www.jambosuperfoods.com

MellowFellowMellow Fellow

Smoking cannabis wrapped in tobacco (known as a blunt) has been a common practice for some time; however it’s not the healthiest option available. Now you can roll a larger joint with a wrap that is all natural and doesn’t interfere with the flavor of your cannabis. Introducing Mellow Fellow wraps, the natural alternative to rolling your cannabis. Mellow Fellow brings a traditional Rastafarian practice to the mainstream with three material options; Corn husks, veggie, and banana leaf. Mellow Fellow provides the user with a chemical and tobacco free option. Simply fill with your favorite herb, twist and lightly run your flame across the length of the wrap this will create a natural adhesive around the outside securing your cannabis inside. Each wrap adds a unique smoking experience to your herb. The only way to fully know is to experience it for yourself, visit http://www.mellowfellowsmokewraps.com


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